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  • New Theme: Gazette

    WordPress.com News
    Thomas Guillot
    7 May 2015 | 10:00 am
    It’s Theme Thursday, and we’re happy to launch a brand new free theme. Gazette Gazette, designed by yours truly, is a clean and flexible theme perfectly suited for minimalist magazine-style sites, personal blogs, or any content-rich site. It allows you to highlight specific articles on the homepage, and to balance readability with a powerful use of photography — all in a layout that works on any device. Gazette also supports the following popular features: Custom Colors, Custom Header, Custom Menu, Social Links, Site Logo, Featured Images, and Widgets. Read more about Gazette on the…
  • Best Of WordPress Snippets RoundUp – 3

    JustWP - Best WordPress Website Themes, Plugins, Tutorials, Tips For Beginners
    Karan Chopra
    17 May 2015 | 6:31 pm
    How To Remove WordPress Version From Head And Feeds Using the following snippet, you will be able to remove WordPress version from head and feeds.function complete_version_removal() { return ''; } add_filter('the_generator', 'complete_version_removal');Snippet Source/Credit: Snipplr How To List All Available WordPress Roles Using the following snippet, you will be able to list all available WordPress roles.$roles_obj = new WP_Roles(); $roles_names_array = $roles_obj->get_names(); echo '<select name="role">'; foreach ($roles_names_array as $role_name) { echo…
  • This Week in WordPress: Automattic Scoops Up WooCommerce

    WPMU DEV Blog
    Raelene Wilson
    21 May 2015 | 4:30 am
    This week’s round-up of WordPress news, views and reviews summarized in our daily email newsletter, The WhiP. Subscribe to The Whip for daily lashings of WordPress goodness. Subscribe to The WhiP Subscribe Crystal Ball – Newsletter #229 Joy to the World (WordPress News) BuddyPress 2.3.0 Beta 2 is now available. Just to recap, the upcoming version includes a new Attachments API, which will allow developers to more easily manage user-generated media. It’s also the long-awaited foundation for media-related BuddyPress components and features. If you use cPanel’s one-click WordPress…
  • Basic Guidelines for Figuring Out Your Web Design Salary

    Elegant Themes Blog
    Nathan B. Weller
    23 May 2015 | 7:00 am
    In today’s post I’d like to address a problem a lot of the Elegant Themes community has probably encountered: figuring out what your web designer salary should be and being confident in your findings when it comes time to negotiate. Perhaps you’re in college and you’re entering the workforce for the first time. Perhaps you’ve been a freelancer and you’re in talks with a studio to land your first salaried gig. Perhaps you’ve had an hourly job that you’re trying to turn into a salaried position. Or perhaps you’ve had a salaried job for…
  • Egghead.io

    23 May 2015 | 4:54 am
    I like this model a lot. The post Egghead.io appeared first on John Saddington.
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    WordPress News

  • WordPress 4.2.2 Security and Maintenance Release

    Samuel Sidler
    6 May 2015 | 7:24 pm
    WordPress 4.2.2 is now available. This is a critical security release for all previous versions and we strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately. Version 4.2.2 addresses two security issues: The Genericons icon font package, which is used in a number of popular themes and plugins, contained an HTML file vulnerable to a cross-site scripting attack. All affected themes and plugins hosted on WordPress.org (including the Twenty Fifteen default theme) have been updated today by the WordPress security team to address this issue by removing this nonessential file. To help protect…
  • WordPress 4.2.1 Security Release

    Gary Pendergast
    27 Apr 2015 | 11:34 am
    WordPress 4.2.1 is now available. This is a critical security release for all previous versions and we strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately. A few hours ago, the WordPress team was made aware of a cross-site scripting vulnerability, which could enable commenters to compromise a site. The vulnerability was discovered by Jouko Pynnönen. WordPress 4.2.1 has begun to roll out as an automatic background update, for sites that support those. For more information, see the release notes or consult the list of changes. Download WordPress 4.2.1 or venture over to Dashboard →…
  • WordPress 4.2 “Powell”

    Matt Mullenweg
    23 Apr 2015 | 11:35 am
    Version 4.2 of WordPress, named “Powell” in honor of jazz pianist Bud Powell, is available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard. New features in 4.2 help you communicate and share, globally. An easier way to share content Clip it, edit it, publish it. Get familiar with the new and improved Press This. From the Tools menu, add Press This to your browser bookmark bar or your mobile device home screen. Once installed you can share your content with lightning speed. Sharing your favorite videos, images, and content has never been this fast or this easy. Extended…
  • WordPress 4.1.2 Security Release

    Gary Pendergast
    21 Apr 2015 | 6:44 am
    WordPress 4.1.2 is now available. This is a critical security release for all previous versions and we strongly encourage you to update your sites immediately. WordPress versions 4.1.1 and earlier are affected by a critical cross-site scripting vulnerability, which could enable anonymous users to compromise a site. This was reported by Cedric Van Bockhaven and fixed by Gary Pendergast, Mike Adams, and Andrew Nacin of the WordPress security team. We also fixed three other security issues: In WordPress 4.1 and higher, files with invalid or unsafe names could be uploaded. Discovered by Michael…
  • WordPress 4.2 Release Candidate

    Drew Jaynes
    15 Apr 2015 | 12:07 pm
    The release candidate for WordPress 4.2 is now available. We’ve made more than 140 changes since releasing Beta 4 a week and a half ago. RC means we think we’re done, but with millions of users and thousands of plugins and themes, it’s possible we’ve missed something. We hope to ship WordPress 4.2 on Wednesday, April 22, but we need your help to get there. If you haven’t tested 4.2 yet, now is the time! (Please though, not on your live site unless you’re adventurous.) Think you’ve found a bug? Please post to the Alpha/Beta support forum. If any known issues come up,…
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    Matt Mullenweg

  • Soaring SV Housing

    23 May 2015 | 6:38 pm
    Talent is leaving Silicon Valley because of high real estate costs. Today, the median price for a home just exceeded $1 million. Why one in four Silicon Valley homebuyers wants to leave. Yep.
  • TC on Apple Watch

    22 May 2015 | 5:55 pm
    The John Biggs article on Why I’m Still Wearing My Apple Watch almost perfectly describes how I’m feeling about the watch right now. It is a very personal device, I’ve gotten attached to the little fellow, and I should probably start selling all my mechanical watches.
  • Undercover UberX

    21 May 2015 | 10:29 pm
    Emily Guendelsberger went undercover as an UberX driver in Philadelphia and wrote about the experience, particularly the economics of it. It’s a pretty fascinating and gripping longread, both in its content and it’s just well-written.
  • William Zinsser Obit

    20 May 2015 | 9:41 pm
    Mr. Zinsser was a prolific author, editor and teacher, but it was his role as an arbiter of good writing that resonated widely and deeply. The New York Times obituary of William Zinsser is touching and fascinating. Clear writing and clear thinking go hand in hand, and Zinnsser’s work On Writing Well did more than any other to help me hone my mind.
  • Woo & Automattic

    19 May 2015 | 11:59 am
    For years, we’ve been working on democratizing publishing, and today more people have independent sites built on open source software than ever before in the history of the web. Now, we want to make it easy for anyone to sell online independently, without being locked into closed, centralized services — to enable freedom of livelihood along with freedom of expression. It’s not a new idea: at a WordCamp a few years ago, someone stood up and asked me when we were going to make it as easy to create an online store as we’d made it to create a blog. Everyone applauded; there’s…
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    WordPress.com News

  • Street Photography: Seven Photos

    22 May 2015 | 9:00 am
    It’s no secret that I love to pore through the street photography tag in the WordPress.com Reader and share images that catch my attention. Join me on another trip around the world as seen through the eyes (and lenses!) of these seven skilled photographers. This arresting image of a bird in a car — juxtaposed against the unknowing elderly man passing by — mesmerizes me. Taken by Beirut photographer Ghaleb Cabbabé, there’s an element of the macabre about this photograph that I find intriguing. The odd bird and the filthy windscreen create a certain palpable sinister…
  • Eventbrite Now Available for All of WordPress.com

    Kirk Wight
    12 May 2015 | 11:00 am
    We’re excited to announce big updates to our Eventbrite integration: your events can now be displayed right on your WordPress.com site, no matter what theme you use! Enjoy Eventbrite, regardless of theme In 2013, we launched two Eventbrite themes to help you promote your events. Since then, we’ve gotten requests from users to extend that functionality more broadly on WordPress.com. Today, we’ve rolled out our Eventbrite integration to all users, which means you are no longer limited to only using the Eventbrite themes to promote your events. You can now connect to…
  • New Theme: Gazette

    Thomas Guillot
    7 May 2015 | 10:00 am
    It’s Theme Thursday, and we’re happy to launch a brand new free theme. Gazette Gazette, designed by yours truly, is a clean and flexible theme perfectly suited for minimalist magazine-style sites, personal blogs, or any content-rich site. It allows you to highlight specific articles on the homepage, and to balance readability with a powerful use of photography — all in a layout that works on any device. Gazette also supports the following popular features: Custom Colors, Custom Header, Custom Menu, Social Links, Site Logo, Featured Images, and Widgets. Read more about Gazette on the…
  • New Themes: Nucleare and Afterlight

    Caroline Moore
    30 Apr 2015 | 11:00 am
    Nucleare Nucleare, by Cresta Project, is a classic blog theme with a crisp, elegant design and plenty of handy features. A built-in search box, links to your favorite social networks, four widget areas, and beautifully styled post formats make this an ideal theme for your personal blog. Check out Nucleare on the Theme Showcase, or activate it on your site from Appearance → Themes. Afterlight Afterlight, designed by Takashi Irie, is a different take on his Cyanotype, featuring an option for a full-screen background image. Add your favorite background image or color to lend your personal…
  • All WordPress.com Sites Protected Against Zero Day Vulnerability

    27 Apr 2015 | 12:35 pm
    You may have seen news of a new zero-day vulnerability regarding comments in self-hosted versions of WordPress 4.2. All WordPress.com sites — including WordPress.com VIP sites — are not vulnerable: your WordPress.com sites are protected by the Akismet anti-spam service, which is already blocking those comments.Filed under: Security
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    WordPress Planet

  • Matt: TC on Apple Watch

    22 May 2015 | 5:55 pm
    The John Biggs article on Why I’m Still Wearing My Apple Watch almost perfectly describes how I’m feeling about the watch right now. It is a very personal device, I’ve gotten attached to the little fellow, and I should probably start selling all my mechanical watches.
  • WPTavern: Cover: A Minimalist Blogging Theme for WordPress, Featuring Support for Aesop Story Engine

    Sarah Gooding
    22 May 2015 | 4:15 pm
    If you’re looking to bring your blog’s design back to the bare bones of pure content without distractions, then the new Cover theme may be a good option. Cover brings blogging minimalism to a new level. After less than a month on WordPress.org, it has already been downloaded more than 2,500 times. Cover was created by new WordPress.org theme author Paul Eiche and is based on the popular Underscores starter theme maintained by Automattic. The theme’s simple, single-column design is accented by support for full-width featured images. It was bundled with Font Awesome to allow…
  • WPTavern: Hello Security Plugin Aims to Educate WordPress Users on Web Security Best Practices

    Jeff Chandler
    22 May 2015 | 2:24 pm
    Hello Security is a new plugin developed by Michele Butcher that displays security tips and reminders in the WordPress backend. It’s a fork of Hello Dolly and Butcher’s first plugin submitted to the plugin directory. Hello Security Tips Security best practices include PASSWORD is never a good password, backup all the things, and only give users the access they need. A full list of the tips used is located within the hello-security.php file. Inspiration, Motivation, and Determination For years, Butcher has avoided learning how to code. Thanks to a WordCamp session and inspirational…
  • WPTavern: How WordPress Business Owners are Benefiting from Publicly Sharing Revenue Stats

    Sarah Gooding
    22 May 2015 | 1:11 pm
    In light of Automattic’s recent acquisition of WooCommerce (and all of WooThemes), estimated to be in the range of $30M, WordPress business owners have been infused with a fresh perspective of the value and potential in creating strong GPL-licensed products. Automattic’s acquisition of Woo, colloquially referred to as the “WooMattic” deal, is the company’s first major purchase within the WordPress ecosystem since BuddyPress in 2007. Perhaps most interesting: Woo is Automattic's first acquisition of a WP ecosystem product since BuddyPress (2007)…
  • WPTavern: WPWeekly Episode 193 – WooMattic

    Jeff Chandler
    22 May 2015 | 9:15 am
    In this episode of WordPress Weekly, Marcus Couch and I break down Automattic’s acquisition of WooThemes and discuss the future of WooCommerce. We discuss how the Japanese WordPress community influences WordPress development. Last but not least, we debate the merits of using an honor system for commercial plugins. Stories Discussed: Automattic Acquires WooThemes WordPress.org is Testing International Theme and Plugin Directories Community, Translation, and Wapuu: How Japan is Shaping WordPress History Lasso Frontend Editing Plugin for WordPress Now Available on GitHub cPanel’s Site…
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    WordPress.org Mobile Apps

  • WordPress For iOS: Version 5.1

    20 May 2015 | 7:06 am
    Version 5.1 of the WordPress for iOS app is now available in the App Store. Here’s a peek at the newest features and latest updates: What’s new: Version 5.1 brings video support into the editor! We also made visual improvements and an important bug fix for self-hosted sites. Add videos to your posts.  You can now use your iOS devices to record and upload videos with just few taps. Improved notifications icon.  An orange dot will now be shown on top of the alert icon to let you know when you have new notifications to view. Bug fixes. We fixed a crash when attempting to log…
  • WordPress For Android: Version 4.0

    14 May 2015 | 11:19 am
    Version 4.0 of the WordPress for Android app is now available in the Google Play Store. Here’s a peek at the newest features and latest updates. What’s new Much of the work done for the 4.0 release is under-the-hood in preparation for an improved editing experience. The two things you may notice: Enhanced media picker: We improved the performance of the media picker to better handle large libraries. Faster and more efficient login: Data is no longer wiped between logins of the same user. That means any local posts you’ve got in progress are no longer deleted if you sign…
  • WordPress For iOS: Version 5.0

    24 Apr 2015 | 6:39 am
    Version 5.0 of the WordPress for iOS app is now available in the App Store. Here’s a peek at the newest features and latest updates: What’s new: Version 5.0 brings multi-factor authentication, improved stats and notifications, and several bug fixes. Two factor authentication. Do you have two-factor authentication enabled on your WordPress account? Now it’s available in the WordPress for iOS app. What’s more? Application passwords are no longer necessary! New stats sections. You can now see items published and post authors in your blog’s Stats section.
  • WordPress For Android: Version 3.9

    14 Apr 2015 | 2:09 pm
    Version 3.9 of the WordPress for Android app is now available in the Google Play Store. Here’s a peek at the newest features and latest updates. What’s new Version 3.9 makes it easier than ever to add media to your posts, allows app language selection, and introduces two factor authentication support! Two factor authentication. Do you have two factor authentication enabled on your WordPress account? Now it’s available in the WP for Android app. What’s more? Application passwords are no longer necessary! Media improvements Add media from your device or media…
  • WordPress For Android: Version 3.8

    17 Mar 2015 | 1:37 pm
    Version 3.8 of the WordPress for Android app is now available in the Google Play Store. Here’s a peek at the newest features and latest updates. What’s new Version 3.8 brings new stats features, faster reader loadings and bug fixes. More stats. What are people searching for to find your site, and where do they reside? We’ve added search terms and map views to the stats screen to give you more insight on how people are reading your posts and finding your blog. Faster image loading. We’ve reduced the file size of images in the Reader to cut down on load time and save…
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  • Theming with the REST API – Meet Picard

    Jack Lenox
    7 May 2015 | 3:32 pm
    If there’s one thing that has been making waves in the WordPress ecosystem this year, it is the new REST API. Officially known as WP-API, and currently available as a plugin, it is due to be rolled into core at some point this year. A REST API? A REST API may not initially seem like a useful feature for theme developers. It is clearly very useful for those looking to use WordPress as an application platform, but how the REST API can be used within a theme is perhaps more opaque. The Theme Division at Automattic have had an eye on the potential uses of a REST API powering a theme for at…
  • Take Scrawl For a Spin

    Kathryn P.
    28 Apr 2015 | 8:53 am
    Scrawl, a new monochromatic theme designed by Automattic’s Caroline Moore, is available at WordPress.org for self-hosted sites. Featured images get bold treatment on single posts, while snazzy image captions and pull-quote styles add pizzazz to your text. A slide-out sidebar provides easy access to secondary content like social links, a custom menu, and widgets. Download Scrawl or check out the demo.
  • Introducing Hew

    Kathryn P.
    31 Mar 2015 | 11:19 am
    Hew, a new theme crafted by Automattic’s Ola Laczek, is now available for self-hosted WordPress users. “Ryu was my initial inspiration for Hew. I wanted to create a personal-blogging theme which shows an author’s identity – via Gravatar logo and social media links in the header – while staying focused on their content.” Download Hew in the WordPress.org theme directory or explore the demo.
  • South Beach Inspires Sobe Theme

    Kathryn P.
    20 Mar 2015 | 7:27 am
    Sobe a new personal-blogging theme created by Caroline Moore, is now available in the WordPress.org theme directory. “Sobe was inspired by the popularity of one of my other themes, Pachyderm. I wanted to create a theme with a similar look and feel in a more updated style. The color palette was drawn from a trip to South Beach, Miami–hence, the theme name.” Adding widgets turns Sobe’s single-column layout into a two-column format; Sobe also supports a site logo upload with the Jetpack plugin. Get aquainted with Sobe by visiting the demo site or take it for a spin by…
  • Building a Strong Foundation with Keyboard Accessibility

    David A. Kennedy
    12 Mar 2015 | 7:00 am
    When you build a house, you start with the foundation. It becomes the base upon which you form everything else around. Without it, your house could crumble because of improper construction. Web accessibility shares some of the same principles. You need a solid foundation to have an accessible website and WordPress theme. Keyboard accessibility can serve as your foundation for an accessibility-ready theme, helping you create a base that you can build on with confidence. Once you have it in place, accessibility becomes easier as you go. Keyboard Accessibility Principles But where do you start?
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  • Triple your chances ? You could win an annual subscription to PixelKit premium UI kits and design resources. 3 chances to win!

    Jean-Baptiste Jung
    13 May 2015 | 5:48 am
    If you’re one of 3 lucky winners, you’ll get an Annual Membership Account from PixelKit.com at absolutely no cost! Imagine taking advantag of literally thousands of graphics from PixelKit that will make you stand out as a web diesigner. PixelKit is specialized for UI kits, meaning that you get everything you need when it comes to app screens, navigation controls and more. Just check out what’s available ? you’ll get all the buttons, sliders, icons and other elements you’ve dreamed of! Now you want to know how to get your voucher. Here’s how it’s done:…
  • Qards giveaway – Win one of three licenses of the awesome responsive website design plugin for WordPress

    Jean-Baptiste Jung
    28 Apr 2015 | 3:04 am
    The great news that you receive today is that you can get one license of this awesome WordPress plugin and create dashing landing pages yourself, with a few clicks. Yes, you read that wright. You don’t necessarily need to know how to code, you can just drag and drop elements to make a page in minutes. I know you always wanted to make landing pages with little or no effort. With this responsive drag and drop WordPress plugin you can create, besides landing pages, a lot of other pages like longreads, promo pages and case studies that will look cool. You can see how easy it is to work with it…
  • Giveaway: Three lucky winners will win a ThemeFuse Exposure WordPress theme

    Jean-Baptiste Jung
    6 Mar 2015 | 2:51 am
    Everyone knows that a great theme is a must-have on WordPress, and ThemeFuse delivers that with every theme. ThemeFuse.com is giving away vouchers for their amazing photography WordPress theme. You could be one of the winners, and you’ll get one of their high quality themes to help you create an amazing website. Only three easy steps can have you in the running to win: Leave your comment and tell us why you should win. Make sure to tell us what you’ll do with your new Exposure WordPress theme. Tell your followers by tweeting: Win a free copy of @ThemeFuse #WordPress Theme from…
  • WPRecipes now accepts guest posts/recipes!

    Jean-Baptiste Jung
    24 Feb 2015 | 2:07 am
    So, how to submit your recipe? It’s very easy: -Make sure your recipes fits the blog style of short and to the point style of writing. If you have a 800 word long article, no matter how good it is, WPR isn’t the good place for it. Read a few recipes if you need to get an idea about the style of writing. -Make sure your recipe haven’t been published before, as obviously we won’t re-post stuff. Though if you have enhanced or modified an existing recipe, feel free to submit. -Get the template located at http://pastebin.com/qf6EQDim and write your recipe. Make sure you…
  • Enter and grab version 3.0 of the X Theme for free!

    Jean-Baptiste Jung
    27 Jan 2015 | 5:25 am
    The Complete WordPress Theme now with Extensions When you handle multiple web design projects, the last thing you want is to waste too much time looking for individual resources, or taking too long to learn the ABCs of a new theme. The foremost reason why X Theme stands out so decidedly is that it has loads of features, some of them brand new. Apart from a respectable support forum, X Theme is coupled with comprehensive documentation, 30+ demos, and videos that will see you through. The first thing you ever understand about X is that several unique designs are included in it. These Stacks…
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  • Helping Veterans With Happy Joe: James Dalman Interview

    Kevin D. Hendricks
    22 May 2015 | 6:43 am
    Memorial Day is an opportunity here in the U.S. to remember those who died in service to their country. We owe a great debt to those who served in the military and guaranteed our freedom. It’s also an opportunity to remember those veterans who are still with us and in many cases need our help. The numbers are staggering: There are over 199,000 unemployed veterans with more on the way. There are 50,000 homeless veterans on any given night. Every day 22 veterans commit suicide. One way we can help as part of the WordPress community is by supporting the nonprofit Happy Joe. Founded by James…
  • WordPress Weekly Recap – May 21st, 2015

    "Professor" Benjamin
    21 May 2015 | 7:03 am
    In case you missed it, there was some huge news this week in the WordPress world. I also found a whole bunch of really useful blog writing tools that can bring enjoyment back into long form article writing. WordPress News Automattic acquired Woo this week and made a big splash in the WordPress world.  This means that WooCommerce as well as all of Woo’s themes and additional plugins are now part of Automattic (and WordPress.COM not WordPress.org). At the present time, everything will still continue to operate under the “Woo” brand name but I’m curious to see where…
  • Meet Your BackupBuddy Team

    Kristen Wright
    20 May 2015 | 9:05 am
    This week we sat down with the team behind BackupBuddy. If you’ve been a BackupBuddy customer for a while, chances are you’ve chatted with one of them in the BackupBuddy forum and they’ve helped answer a question. Without further ado, meet your awesome BackupBuddy team … Dustin Bolton – BackupBuddy Lead Developer Dustin is the lead developer for BackupBuddy. He’s also responsible for most of the hijinks in the iThemes office. His free time consists of a lot of random things like watching movies, anime, exploring places outdoors, Team Fortress 2, or working…
  • New! Display Messages to Traffic from Google, Twitter or Facebook on Your WordPress Site with BoomBar

    Kristen Wright
    19 May 2015 | 7:23 am
    BoomBar is one of our smaller (but powerful!) plugins that allows you to display targeted messages in notification bars at the top of your WordPress site. We love BoomBar so much, we use it here on iThemes.com (you’re probably seeing it right now on the top of this page). Give Visitors Relevant Messages: Even More Ways to Display Notification Bars BoomBar just got a big update that includes some new ways to control the display of your notification bars. With the latest update to BoomBar, you can: Display Messages to traffic from Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Bing Display…
  • Communication Skills for Freelancers

    Kevin D. Hendricks
    15 May 2015 | 6:48 am
    If freelancing is always and forever about people (and it is) then good communication is imperative. Learn how to get better at it. You can build the greatest websites ever, you can write code that angels envy, but if you can’t communicate with others, you’ll never succeed. One of our business mentors is fond of saying: “Communication is not the message sent, but the message received.” So you must work continuously, tirelessly on learning how to communicate with the non-geek, non-coders of the world. Communication with non-techies is truly hard for both sides. It’s not that anyone…
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    Elegant Themes Blog

  • Basic Guidelines for Figuring Out Your Web Design Salary

    Nathan B. Weller
    23 May 2015 | 7:00 am
    In today’s post I’d like to address a problem a lot of the Elegant Themes community has probably encountered: figuring out what your web designer salary should be and being confident in your findings when it comes time to negotiate. Perhaps you’re in college and you’re entering the workforce for the first time. Perhaps you’ve been a freelancer and you’re in talks with a studio to land your first salaried gig. Perhaps you’ve had an hourly job that you’re trying to turn into a salaried position. Or perhaps you’ve had a salaried job for…
  • Email Marketing Best Practices to Push ROI Through the Roof

    Dan Virgillito
    22 May 2015 | 7:00 am
    If you’re looking to acquire new customers or sell more effectively to your existing customers, you can’t go wrong with email marketing. After all, email is almost 40 times more effective in helping your business acquire new customers than Facebook or Twitter . But it is possible to go wrong with email marketing. 59% of marketers plan to increase their email marketing budgets in 2015 , and if you’re looking to get the highest return on your email marketing investment, it all starts at the very beginning. Subscriber Acquisition When a person visits your website or social media page, they…
  • WordPress Developers: How to Better Estimate Your Time (In 4 Steps)

    Tom Ewer
    21 May 2015 | 7:00 am
    The old adage that ‘time is money’ has rarely been more appropriate than it is for freelancers today. More specifically, being able to accurately estimate your time is an essential skill for any WordPress developer. However, the ability to accurately judge how long a project will take to complete – and therefore how much you should charge a client – is a difficult task for many reasons. It’s a tough balancing act: you run the risk of scaring off a client by overestimating your time (and consequently your fee), but you also don’t want to sell yourself short, which would result in…
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Creating an Ironclad WordPress Development Contract

    Tom Ewer
    20 May 2015 | 7:00 am
    Many WordPress developers avoid contracts for a variety of reasons, the biggest of which is the misconception that contracts need to be large, complicated documents full of fancy legal terms that will most assuredly scare away at least 50% of their prospects. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, the more simple your contract, the better off you’ll be. The words used, the intricacy and the length of a contract have no bearing on its validity. Truth be told, if you really get down to the nitty-gritty details, there are only two crucial aspects that you need to focus…
  • How to Test Your WordPress Website for Responsive Design

    Tom Ewer
    19 May 2015 | 7:00 am
    Responsive web design was first introduced to us by Ethan Marcotte in a 2010 post published on A List Apart entitled (as you might expect) Responsive Web Design. In the very same year – in fact, just a few weeks earlier – the iPad became the first of the current wave of mobile tablet devices to be released to the public, changing the way we surf the web and communicate with each other forever. Since then, responsive design has slowly become more widespread. But for the vast majority of people using the web, the term means nothing. They just want websites to render properly on their…
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    Blog Oh! Blog

  • Free WordPress Theme – NEPAL

    23 May 2015 | 3:53 am
    Hi guys! I am back and blogging again after a long time. Its been a while that there were any updates on Blog Oh! Blog. The website badly needed a revamp so I have given it a new look and feel. Let me know if you like it. I have some solid plans for Blog Oh! Blog that include starting a WordPress Support Forum, a Premium Themes Membership Club and a ... Continue Reading
  • 3D Style Image Thumbnails

    20 Feb 2014 | 4:12 pm
    We all know that image thumbnails are pretty boring until they have some neat hover effect on them, or some kind of jazzy animation before the user clicks on them. So, here is a tutorial which uses CSS3 to achieve a 3D hover effect on the image thumbnails. It certainly looks neat. If you don’t believe me, read the tutorial and check out the demo yourself! HTML Make a new HTML file called ... Continue Reading
  • Free Hand Drawn Set of 400 Icons for Projects

    25 Jan 2014 | 9:42 am
    We love free icons. Don’t we? So for all the icon lovers out there, here is a brand new release of 400 Hand Drawn Icons that are free to use in your personal and commercial projects. The Icon Set has been provided by Freepik.com exclusively for the readers of Blog Oh! Blog. The set consists of icons for general settings, app design, social websites and much more. Download & ... Continue Reading
  • How to Make a CSS3 Polaroid Gallery

    16 Jan 2014 | 6:23 am
    CSS3 has really empowered the web developer to add beauty, interactivity and animation to his web pages. The dependency on JavaScript for simple effects has reduced to a great level with the arrival of CSS3. Just to showcase the power of CSS3, lets learn how to make a Polaroid style image gallery using CSS3 and HTML5. HTML First, make a new HTML file and copy the following code into the file :- <!doctype html> <html> <head> <meta ... Continue Reading
  • How to Make a Cool Slider Using Only CSS3 & HTML

    13 Jan 2014 | 6:33 am
    If we talk about Image Sliders, there are multiple times when you are confused and wondering as to which Image Slider to integrate in your website. Usually, people go on the Internet, search for a Image Slider script that most probably suits their taste, download it, and try to integrate it. Almost all of these Image Sliders are built using CSS, HTML and one or the other JavaScript libraries like ... Continue Reading
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  • How to Import and Export Custom Post Types in WordPress

    Editorial Staff
    22 May 2015 | 5:00 am
    It is extremely easy to move your WordPress site using a backup plugin. But what if you only wanted to move a custom post type? In this article, we will show you how to import and export custom post types in WordPress. We will also show you how to import any custom taxonomies associated with your post types. There are two steps involved in exporting and importing a custom post type in WordPress. First step involves migrating the actual custom post type and taxonomies. The second step is to import the post type data. Often custom post types in WordPress are associated with their own custom…
  • 14 Best Featured Image Plugins and Tutorials for WordPress

    Editorial Staff
    21 May 2015 | 5:00 am
    Featured images play an important role in most modern WordPress themes. While you can find beautiful royalty free images to use on your WordPress site as featured images, there is a lot more you can do with featured images. In this article, we will show you some of the best featured image plugins and tools for WordPress. 1. Soliloquy Soliloquy is the best WordPress slider plugin on the market. It comes with a featured content add-on that allows you to easily add featured content slider to any WordPress theme. It automatically gets the featured image from your article and uses it as the slide…
  • How to Sort Your WordPress Plugins into Groups

    Editorial Staff
    4 Dec 0001 | 4:00 pm
    If you have been using WordPress for a while, then chances are that you have more than handful of plugins installed on your site. There is no limit on how many plugins you can install on your WordPress site. As you install multiple plugins, it becomes hard to locate and manage them all. In this article, we will show you how to sort your WordPress plugins into groups. Note: This solution is extremely handy when you have multiple add-ons of the same plugin such as WooCommerce, Soliloquy, Envira Gallery, etc. Video Tutorial If you don’t like the video or need more instructions, then continue…
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    WP Jedi

  • Ultimate Tweaker for WordPress

    Wordpress Jedi
    23 May 2015 | 6:40 am
    WordPress is already a powerful content management system that lets you build sophisticated sites.  In order to perform complex tweaks and optimizations, you may need to know a bit of coding. But...
  • Using Heatmaps In WordPress: 7 Plugins & Tools

    Wordpress Jedi
    22 May 2015 | 7:29 am
    Many top websites rely on heat mapping tools to better understand their audience. Eye-tracking, click, and other heatmaps show you how your visitors interact with various elements of your site. Here...
  • Training Equipment WooCommerce Theme

    Wordpress Jedi
    21 May 2015 | 7:19 am
    There are plenty of health and fitness related websites online these days. Whether you are looking for a fitness blog or an equipment store, there is a site out there for you. Those of you who...
  • Using Bitcoin for Paid Membership Sites & Digital Downloads: 4 Plugins

    Wordpress Jedi
    20 May 2015 | 7:00 am
    In the past few months, we have covered plenty of awesome plugins that let you accept Bitcoin payments on your site. If you happen to be interested in accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for...
  • HomeQuest: Real Estate Directory Theme

    Wordpress Jedi
    19 May 2015 | 6:21 am
    The real estate business can be quite lucrative if you know what you are doing and have a plan. You need to have a website to promote your business online though. HomeQuest is not your average real...
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    WPMU DEV Blog

  • 20 Free Chrome Extensions for WordPress You Need Now

    Jenni McKinnon
    23 May 2015 | 5:00 am
    WordPress is an amazingly powerful CMS on its own, but if you could make it even faster and better right in your Chrome browser, wouldn’t you go for it? I would and that’s why I’ve compiled this list of the best Chrome extensions to pair with WordPress in this Weekend WordPress Project. What’s covered? I’ve sorted the lightweight and free extensions below to help you with: blogging and writing, styling and design, productivity and organization, site performance, and development. With these tools, you can get help improving your workflow and efficiency, making…
  • 9 Essential WordPress Multisite Plugins for Every Network Admin

    Rachel McCollin
    22 May 2015 | 5:00 am
    I think it’s safe to say that here at WPMU DEV, we’re big fans of WordPress Multisite networks. We use Multisite to power our educational blogging platform Edublogs and we develop some of the most popular Multisite plugins out there. Personally, I run three separate Multisite networks, each of which does a different job. Multisite is a fantastic tool on its own, but there are some plugins available that make it even better. We’ve written a lot about plugins for Multisite, including a definitive list of the top Multisite plugins, but here I’ll focus on plugins…
  • This Week in WordPress: Automattic Scoops Up WooCommerce

    Raelene Wilson
    21 May 2015 | 4:30 am
    This week’s round-up of WordPress news, views and reviews summarized in our daily email newsletter, The WhiP. Subscribe to The Whip for daily lashings of WordPress goodness. Subscribe to The WhiP Subscribe Crystal Ball – Newsletter #229 Joy to the World (WordPress News) BuddyPress 2.3.0 Beta 2 is now available. Just to recap, the upcoming version includes a new Attachments API, which will allow developers to more easily manage user-generated media. It’s also the long-awaited foundation for media-related BuddyPress components and features. If you use cPanel’s one-click WordPress…
  • Is the WordPress Community Supportive? My Journey into the Heart of WP

    Brenda Barron
    21 May 2015 | 4:00 am
    WordPress is known as an open-source resource; a wonderful tool that can be put to good use to create any kind of website you can imagine. A major part of using it involves relying on the WordPress community at large. These folks consistently work hard to develop and test new core features, perform bug fixes, and generally make sure the latest update or release is top-notch. The community is also available to developers who need a little help. The support forums are always bustling with activity, after all. And while WordPress has this tremendous reputation as friendly to beginners and being…
  • How to Become a WordPress Professional – and Tips Based on Experience

    Rachel McCollin
    20 May 2015 | 6:00 am
    At at lot of the WordCamps and WordPress meetups I attend, I’m asked the same question: How do you go about becoming a WordPress professional? The question is normally asked by one of two types of people: those who’ve been using WordPress in their spare time for a while and want to make a living from it, and those who’ve been making a living in a similar field (such as design or front end development) and want to cross over to working with WordPress. Many WordPress pro work remotely on laptops. Clearly, a career with WordPress isn’t just for bloggers or developers.
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  • 10 Useful Tips For Creating A Stunning Responsive Web Design

    12 May 2015 | 6:30 am
    With the flourishing mobile and web technologies, the user behavior is also changing. It has been observed that today, almost everyone possesses a smartphone or any other Internet-enabled device, and most of the mobile users prefer accessing the Internet via their handy devices. This has certainly added to the overall mobile traffic on the web (in fact, it has crossed the traffic generated from desktops). All these changes have encouraged web designers to opt a responsive design and efficiently target mobile users. With responsive website, you can ensure that your site appears great on any…
  • A Detailed Guide on Creating Responsive Images Using CSS

    18 Mar 2015 | 3:04 am
    Are you looking out to build a fully-responsive WordPress website? Are you worried about tweaking your website imagery for varied screens? If your answer is a “Yes” to both these questions then you’ve reached the right post. What all has been covered in this post? This is a tutorial which explains you the simplest technique for creating responsive images which need to be included in your WordPress posts/pages. A brief on the method that will be explained in this tutorial The method that will be explained here purely relies on CSS height and width properties. That means, it would…
  • PHP Development: 7 Best Practices You Will Find Befitting

    11 Mar 2015 | 11:15 pm
    If you’ve just started working as a web developer, then you will apparently want to use a programming language that is learnable and can make the development process faster. PHP is one such great programming language that is widely-used for developing websites as well as web applications. Over the last few years, PHP has matured to a great extent and keeps on adding several new and exciting features. However, there are some ground rules of PHP (i.e. best practices) that as developers you should be aware of. This post will help you learn about some of the most important PHP best…
  • Best Performing Magento E-Commerce Sites You’ll Love to Explore

    3 Mar 2015 | 6:45 pm
    As an avid Magento fan, I’ve come across a large number of websites which have leveraged the best potential of this absolutely stunning e-commerce solution. I won’t sound wrong in saying that the current e-commerce industry has been extremely influenced by the emergence of Magento. Both, Magento Enterprise and Community websites have been successful in delivering excellent user experience to a global customer base. In this post, I’ve listed out some of the best e-commerce websites built on Magento. So, let’s get to know about these sites in a better way. 1. Chopard…
  • Mobile Website Designing rules you’ll find hard to ignore

    4 Dec 2014 | 1:59 am
    With mobile-friendly website design and development being one of the hottest topics of discussion in the web world, it doesn’t come as a surprise that companies and clients are shifting their focus towards development of websites that target audience coming in from smartphones and other hand-held gadgets. As a website builder, it’s essential for you to pursue a well-rounded approach that can enable you to deliver a website that offers a brilliant user experience on a variety of smartphones, tablets, netbooks etc. Keep on reading this blog as I’ll be making you familiar with…
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  • MotoPress Enters the Slider Market: Responsive Animated Layer WordPress Slider Plugin

    21 May 2015 | 1:55 am
    MotoPress is a drag and drop content editing plugin that we reviewed favorably in the past here on WPLift, its a very well made plugin that allows you to create pages within any WordPress theme using content blocks that you drop into place and can edit in real time. The creators of this plugin have The post MotoPress Enters the Slider Market: Responsive Animated Layer WordPress Slider Plugin appeared first on WPLift.
  • Best WordPress Resume / CV Themes, Plugins & HTML Templates

    20 May 2015 | 12:24 am
    It used to be enough to send in your resume ( or C.V as we call it in england) in on a piece of paper when applying for jobs. If you are applying for a job which involves computers or the internet then it is a great help to also have your resume online, you The post Best WordPress Resume / CV Themes, Plugins & HTML Templates appeared first on WPLift.
  • Transparency in WordPress: Public Income Reports Roundup May 2015

    19 May 2015 | 1:24 am
    I have previously looked at WordPress companies and Bloggers who publicly share their stats and income reports and those posts did really well – people love to read posts with this information as it is rare for people to share this publicly usually. I also find these posts fascinating and inspiring so decided to make The post Transparency in WordPress: Public Income Reports Roundup May 2015 appeared first on WPLift.
  • GeoTargeting Pro WordPress Plugin: Display Location-Specific Content in WordPress

    Joe Fylan
    18 May 2015 | 3:18 am
    If you want to display different sets of content on your website, to different segments of your visitors based on their location, then a geotargeting plugin can help you achieve this. By reading your visitors IP address to determine their location, a geotargeting plugin is then able to display a specific set of content, according The post GeoTargeting Pro WordPress Plugin: Display Location-Specific Content in WordPress appeared first on WPLift.
  • Weekly WordPress News: Receiptful Raises 500K, New WPLift Project Coming Soon + More.

    15 May 2015 | 12:24 am
    I came across an article this morning which talks to Adii Pienaar about having raised $500k in venture capital for his latest project Receiptful. Receiptful is a service which provides better receipt emails for eCommerce sites – I spoke to Adii about this project when he was first launching and it looked intriguing and definitely The post Weekly WordPress News: Receiptful Raises 500K, New WPLift Project Coming Soon + More. appeared first on WPLift.
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    The Mighty Mo! Design Co. LLC » Blog

  • That’s One Finely-Tuned Consultant!

    Toby Cryns
    29 Apr 2015 | 4:54 am
    Our very own, Toby Cryns, will be the featured guest on the “Finely-Tuned Consultant” podcast today, broadcasting live at 3:30 p.m. Check it out! The post That’s One Finely-Tuned Consultant! appeared first on The Mighty Mo! Design Co. LLC.
  • Display Advanced Custom Fields Attachment or Image on a Category

    Toby Cryns
    16 Mar 2015 | 10:17 am
    If you ever need to use Advanced Custom Fields to load an image or attachment on a category, here’s the template code you need. // vars $queried_object get_queried_object() $taxonomy $queried_object->taxonomy $term_id $queried_object->term_id   // load thumbnail for this taxonomy term (term object) $thumbnail get_field('thumbnail' $queried_object)   // load thumbnail for this taxonomy term (term string) $thumbnail get_field('thumbnail' $taxonomy '_' $term_id)   the_field( $thumbnail ) The post Display Advanced Custom Fields Attachment…
  • Scaling the WordPress JSON Rest API

    The Mighty Mo! Design Co.
    26 Feb 2015 | 3:15 am
    If you are interested in using the WordPress JSON Rest API for your platform, you absolutely must read this article. The post Scaling the WordPress JSON Rest API appeared first on The Mighty Mo! Design Co. LLC.
  • MAMP Pro vs. Vagrant

    The Mighty Mo! Design Co.
    4 Feb 2015 | 6:10 am
    Yesterday morning I tried out the new MAMP Pro 3.0, and I must say that it is awesome. Unlike the old MAMP, I can quickly spin up new development sites with custom urls like, “www.themightymo.dev” using a simple gui interface.  Additionally, it seamlessly integrates into my existing git workflow, because I can point the web root for a specific url (such as www.themightymo.dev) to my local git repository.  So there is no need to clone the repository into the “htdocs” folder as I used to have to do with the old MAMP. Additionally, MAMP Pro provides a simple way to…
  • WP Engine Git – A How-to Guide and Review

    The Mighty Mo! Design Co.
    27 Jan 2015 | 6:53 pm
    So here’s the deal.  My hosting company of choice, WP Engine, has a git service built into all of their websites.  This is pretty cool.  But I’ve got to be honest with you – I have had a hell of a time getting it to work properly. Admittedly, part of the problem is me.  I am a git beginner, with just under 3 months of hardcore git usage under my belt.  I regularly screw my local repositories up.    But I also have about 40 different remote git repositories that I manage and collaborate with teams on a daily basis on both Github and Bitbucket. But part of the problem…
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    Digging into WP

  • DigWP.com Now Served via SSL

    Jeff Starr
    1 May 2015 | 5:43 pm
    Just switched DigWP.com over to https after implementing SSL for the entire domain. If you notice anything weird or not working, please let us know. Thanks! Direct link to article | View post at DigWP.com
  • SES Pro – Ajax Powered Email Signup Forms

    Jeff Starr
    12 Mar 2015 | 11:40 pm
    SES Pro is a premium email newsletter plugin for WordPress. It is 100% shortcode-based with Ajax-powered signup forms that can be displayed anywhere. There are no monthly fees or limits on the number of subscribers, how many emails you can send, or anything else. It’s just a lightweight yet full-featured email-signup plugin that's super-easy to use. Unlimited Forms SES Pro is designed for smaller-scale, DIY admins who want full control over email subscribers without relying on a 3rd-party service. Perfect for building your own lists of subscribers, create awesome emails with the visual…
  • Top 7 Contact Form Plugins

    Jeff Starr
    12 Mar 2015 | 7:02 pm
    WinningWP posted on the top 7 contact form plugins, including the best free and premium plugins for front-end forms, contact forms, and everything in between. Great round-up of all the latest and greatest form plugins :) Direct link to article | View post at DigWP.com
  • Book Giveaway!

    Jeff Starr
    24 Nov 2014 | 3:50 pm
    To celebrate Thanksgiving, we're giving away three copies of Digging Into WordPress! Winners will receive full access to the Members Area here at DigWP.com to download current versions of the book and all exclusive themes and bonus material. To participate, just leave a comment on this post sharing something for which you are thankful. To kick it off, I am thankful for a free and open Web :) Good luck! Fine print: Valid email required to win. Winners will be announced after Thanksgiving weekend :) Update: This giveaway turned out to be so much fun that I'm giving away more books over at…
  • Book Winners!

    Jeff Starr
    23 Nov 2014 | 4:22 pm
    Today I am pleased to announce the three winners of the Digging Into WordPress Book Giveaway: Eileen Dooley James Martindale Judi Young Thank you to all those who participated -- the giveaway post received many great comments that are very insightful and inspiring. Happy holidays to everyone! :) Direct link to article | View post at DigWP.com
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    Smashing WP Themes

  • WP Theme: NewsPaper

    18 May 2015 | 7:00 am
    With trending and latest sort features, media rich features, and multiple post layouts, NewsPaper is perfect for blogs that post frequently across multiple categories to engage their readers. My Theme Shop Key Features of Newspaper WordPress Theme Fully responsive Unlimited colors and backgrounds Advanced typography Tabbed homepage layout Popular categories section Brands section Author box Parallax scrolling Speed optimization for fast loading Search Engine Optimization Social media ready Advertisement ready Price/Preview/Download Single License – $45.00 Demo | Download Niche Tags:…
  • Theme Update: OneNews 3.4

    9 May 2015 | 7:00 pm
    OneNews v3.4 mainly addresses the issue where YouTube videos no longer works. Google announced the deprecation of their YouTube Data API v2.0 on March 4, 2014 and finally pulled the plug recerntly. Hence the RSS feeds from YouTube in the form of https://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/… now returns a “dead” video. Using the Built-in RSS Generator for YouTube Videos Download the latest version here To upgrade, upload all files (and overwrite existing files). If you have modified any files, you will need to re-apply the changes to the new files. Do backup your files/database and after…
  • WP Theme: Eventum for Events

    23 Mar 2015 | 7:00 am
    Create a powerful events portal with Eventum and Directory Templatic Key Features of Eventum WordPress Theme Responsive design Create and manage regular or recurring events Track event participants and display them in “Event attending” lists Display Facebook events inside user profiles Filter all archive pages by Current, Upcoming or Past events Vast monetization options Global city management Multiple addons for extending functionality Price/Preview/Download Single License – $149.00 Demo | Download Niche Tags: Calendar, Events, Non-Blogging
  • WP Theme: SmallBiz for Corporate

    19 Feb 2015 | 5:00 am
    A lightweight theme ideal for anyone looking to a beautiful business site in as little time as possible. Templatic Key Features of Small Biz WordPress Theme Fully responsive design Widgetized homepage Real-time design customizer Custom CSS Editor Carousel Slider Testimonials Newsletter Price/Preview/Download Single License – $49.00 Demo | Download Niche Tags: Blogging, Business, Corporate
  • Theme Update: iPin Pro v2.1

    10 Feb 2015 | 5:00 am
    New features for iPin Pro: WordPress Pinterest Clone Theme Related pins in lightbox (no infinite loading) Random option for homepage WP HTML Editor Remember last board added Support YouTube playlist Adaptive background color (for new images only) Google new recapctha Next/previous link in lightbox now link correctly but will only link till the last thumbnail displayed on the masonry Notes for upgraders Upgrade WordPress to v4.1 Upgrade WordPress Social Login to v2.2.3 Download the latest version at here To upgrade, upload all files (and overwrite existing files). If you have modified any…
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  • iMedical WordPress Theme

    Premium WP
    23 May 2015 | 5:08 am
    iMedical is a medical WordPress theme with a clinical and professional design from Theme Junkie. The commercial theme is designed specifically for medical centers, dentists, doctors, GPs, vets, general practice, health care, ambulance, health & beauty, spa centres or even hospital websites. The iMedical theme is mobile friendly with a responsive design and comes with a lot of other handy features and functionality. Some of the key features include: an easy to use page builder and lots of customization options, 2 types of mega menu, premium timetable plugin, custom post types (doctor,…
  • How to Add Custom Fonts to WordPress the Easy Way

    21 May 2015 | 10:57 pm
    Adding more fonts to your computer is pretty straightforward. Simply download the files to your fonts directory, and then you can start using them in your sofware and applications of choice. However, if you want to use custom fonts on your website, especially those typefaces that your visitors might not have installed on their devices, it gets a bit more complicated. Thankfully, as a WordPress user, there are some great free tools you can use to add individual fonts, or a whole library of them to your website.  Once you’ve made the fonts available to your theme, you can begin applying…
  • NewsPaper: Blog Magazine WordPress Theme

    Premium WP
    20 May 2015 | 7:04 pm
    NewsPaper is a modern and professional looking blog / magazine theme for WordPress. The premium theme from MyThemeShop has an attention grabbing design thanks to its clean flat design and use of large featured images on the homepage as well the single post pages. It would be ideal for any type of blog or online magazine website wanting to stand out from the crowd. The NewsPaper theme also has an impressive set of features and functionality. Some of the key features include: a mobile friendly responsive design, featured and tabbed sections to highlight your best content, popular categories…
  • How to Create a Membership Site with WordPress

    20 May 2015 | 4:21 am
    Membership sites are a popular eCommerce solutions for WordPress owners. With a membership site, you can restrict access to specific portions of your website. Your visitors would pay a membership fee to access this restricted content, often as a monthly recurring payment. You could even have multiple levels of membership options with different payments for each. Another great reason to build a membership site is to build a community. They provide your readers with a safe member’s area where they can discuss a subject without having to deal with trolls or other distractions. They help you…
  • Balanced: Multipurpose WordPress Theme

    Premium WP
    18 May 2015 | 10:30 pm
    Balanced is a responsive multi-purpose WordPress theme from Press75. The premium theme has a simple, light and modern design that doesn’t distract visitors and ensures your projects stand out. The theme would be ideal for small businesses, freelance designers, creative professionals, portfolio and photography websites, websites to showcase products or services, or anything else. Some of the key features of the theme include: a custom homepage layout with option to display projects or your blog posts, filterable portfolio layout with beautiful subtle animations, homepage looping video…
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    Penguin Initiatives

  • 25 Best Android & iOS Mobile Apps for WordPress Bloggers

    Andy Forsberg
    11 May 2015 | 9:40 am
    A manually curated collection of the best Android and iOS mobile apps that make blogging easier on-the-go, especially for WordPress bloggers. The post 25 Best Android & iOS Mobile Apps for WordPress Bloggers appeared first on Penguin Initiatives.
  • How To Create Emails That Subscribers Love To Open and Read

    Jawad Khan
    28 Apr 2015 | 4:12 am
    Email marketing is ineffective if your subscribers don't read your emails. Learn how to create emails that people willingly open and read. The post How To Create Emails That Subscribers Love To Open and Read appeared first on Penguin Initiatives.
  • Google Tag Manager Tracking Guide for WordPress

    Andy Forsberg
    22 Apr 2015 | 2:37 pm
    This guide shows you how to track: External Link Clicks […] The post Google Tag Manager Tracking Guide for WordPress appeared first on Penguin Initiatives.
  • Speed Up WordPress Page Load Time With Three Plugins

    Andy Forsberg
    7 Feb 2015 | 6:18 pm
    By simply downloading, installing and activating these three WordPress plugins you can significantly speed up your WordPress website's page load time. The post Speed Up WordPress Page Load Time With Three Plugins appeared first on Penguin Initiatives.
  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday WordPress Deals 2014

    Andy Forsberg
    28 Nov 2014 | 5:15 am
    23 amazing deals & discounts on WordPress hosting, plugins & themes as well as digital marketing products & services on Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014. The post Black Friday & Cyber Monday WordPress Deals 2014 appeared first on Penguin Initiatives.
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  • Controversy Included: Hide That Your Site is Running on WordPress

    19 May 2015 | 6:19 am
    Have you ever talked to someone who recommended you hide that your site is running on WordPress? It was somewhat jarring the first time I was recommended this, because well, what’s the point? Am I going to have to go through hours of work just so people don’t know I’m using WordPress? Should I be […] The post Controversy Included: Hide That Your Site is Running on WordPress is written by Brenda and appeared first on WPKube.
  • 9 Best Options for Managed WordPress Hosting

    17 May 2015 | 5:00 pm
    Let’s face it: running a WordPress blog or site is no easy game. You have to take care of all the content, marketing, site design, social media, and so forth. But before you do that, you have to make sure your WordPress site is running smoothly and your current hosting provider isn’t giving you any […] The post 9 Best Options for Managed WordPress Hosting is written by Devesh and appeared first on WPKube.
  • Bloom Plugin Review: The Latest From Elegant Themes

    Tom Ewer
    17 May 2015 | 7:46 am
    As the blogosphere continues to grow and change, one thing remains the same: the money is in the list. Every blogger or website owner knows how important it is to build an email list, and your email opt-in box represents the beginning of this process. Today I want to review a plugin that focuses on that first step. Bloom […] The post Bloom Plugin Review: The Latest From Elegant Themes is written by Tom Ewer and appeared first on WPKube.
  • 6 Drag And Drop Page Builder Plugins: Build Any Website With Zero Effort

    Stacey Corrin
    15 May 2015 | 5:00 am
    Are you a wizard when it comes to designing and building your own websites? Or do your programming skills fall short of the mark? The majority will no doubt fall into the latter category with either none or only a little technical knowledge. If you’re one of those individuals, this post is for you because […] The post 6 Drag And Drop Page Builder Plugins: Build Any Website With Zero Effort is written by Stacey Corrin and appeared first on WPKube.
  • Top 7 Ways To Make Running Your eCommerce Store Easier

    Ariel Rule
    13 May 2015 | 10:44 am
    Many have found a large amount of success in starting and running their very own WordPress powered online store. With great tools like WooCommerce and even others like Shopify, building and creating beautiful e-commerce stores has never been easier which means that more people are jumping at the chance to create a money e-store of […] The post Top 7 Ways To Make Running Your eCommerce Store Easier is written by Ariel Rule and appeared first on WPKube.
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  • iBusiness, the first QuickEdit template is now available!

    Vedran Fak
    13 May 2015 | 8:24 am
    In the preview post released a few weeks ago we teased a new solution for customizing and creating websites – QuickEdit. The new point & click interface can be used right here at Templatic.com. In other words, you can begin creating your personalized website totally free. iBusiness is the first theme built with the QuickEdit technology in mind. It’s been designed with a broad appeal so it can be used by a wide variety of small businesses. Contact us if you have any questions or Visit the demo site Create your site at Templatic.com With QuickEdit you’ll be able to add…
  • What is “Directory”?

    Vedran Fak
    30 Apr 2015 | 12:12 pm
    Every now and then I see people struggling to comprehend what Directory really is. Most of them aren’t sure whether it’s a theme or plugin and… I don’t blame them. We might have gone a bit overboard by describing so many things with a single word. Good news is that after reading this you should be an expert in “Directory” terminology. :) The meaning depends on the context The word “Directory” can mean different things depending on how you use it. It can be the actual product you get for $99 It can be the theme or plugin component inside of that…
  • Access Manager – Monetize by restricting some important details on your Directory

    Vedran Fak
    23 Apr 2015 | 6:55 am
    “Information can generate money” – This sentence suits Access Manager add-on 100%. Internet provides us lots of information and so does a Directory website. People can find and contact a business in minutes using a Directory site. Access Manager add-on enables an ability for you to provide/deny access of information on your Directory site and charge some money for that. Isn’t it interesting? The site owner as in the “Information Provider” can generate money by using Access Manager add-on. For example, people interested in knowing special offers,contact details of businesses will…
  • Important theme updates in light of the recent XSS vulnerability

    Vedran Fak
    23 Apr 2015 | 4:20 am
    In case you missed the news, a few days ago details surfaced about a new vulnerability present within many popular plugins and themes. The vulnerability was caused by the improper use of two functions: add_query_arg() and remove_query_arg(). Wrong information within the Codex caused many developers (including us) to assume that the functions would properly escape URLs (which they don’t). You can read more about this security issue in the following article. If you own any of these themes please update it as soon as possible! Of course, don’t forget to take the usual safety…
  • What’s coming up at Templatic?

    Vedran Fak
    21 Apr 2015 | 10:59 am
    Have you been wondering what we’ve been up to lately? In short… we’ve been busy. Our developers have been creating both products you’ve come to expect over the years (Directory add-ons) as well as some all-new stuff (more on that later). So, here’s what you can expect to see from Templatic in the next couple of weeks… Membership plugin for Directory At the moment the entire Directory theme is focused on 1 primary way of making money – charging for submissions. With this upcoming Directory plugin you’ll be able to make money by charging for…
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  • Quickest / Easiest Invoice Generator

    23 May 2015 | 8:51 am
    … with Stripe! Generate, send & get paid. Elegant invoice template for web & mobile. Sweet! The post Quickest / Easiest Invoice Generator appeared first on John Saddington.
  • Egghead.io

    23 May 2015 | 4:54 am
    I like this model a lot. The post Egghead.io appeared first on John Saddington.
  • One Thing @ Harvard Business School

    23 May 2015 | 4:51 am
    This was a good realization… but was it worth it? One of the best things I did this year was answering these two questions honestly, for myself: What is my worst self? When does my worst self come out? My worst self: critical, impatient, stubborn, cynical, and sarcastic. It comes out when I feel like I’m not in a position to make an impact, and when I feel undervalued in a situation. It also happens if I think I’m fundamentally “right” and someone disagrees. If it goes on for too long I become incredibly apathetic and don’t do anything. I suppose you could have learned that…
  • The Happiest Workers in the World

    22 May 2015 | 11:01 am
    Get started today and read some stories of existing students who are changing their lives. I can raise my hand pretty darn high and say that I’m a “happy worker” to have found a life in software and tech. Whoot. The post The Happiest Workers in the World appeared first on John Saddington.
  • Brother Moto: DIY Bike Shop, Coffee Bar & Community

    22 May 2015 | 10:57 am
    Brother Moto is a local Atlanta-based DIY bike shop and (future) coffee bar. Founded by one of my previous partners (via 8BIT) it’s a hole-in-the-wall joint that’s pretty badass. I found myself over in their area today and had to stop by. I had heard so much about it and hadn’t quite found the time to explore and check it out. Super-impressed by what Jared and Bobby have put together and they have all the reasons to be proud. Amazing space and the concept is unique (and working!). Here are some shots: The post Brother Moto: DIY Bike Shop, Coffee Bar & Community appeared…
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    eCommerce ERP CRM | Digital Marketing Agency

  • Why Cloud Accounting is Best Option for Businesses?

    18 May 2015 | 3:47 am
    Do you want your business work faster and smarter? Well if yes, then Cloud-based ERP Accounting Software is the best option. Working in the cloud will provide you a better understanding of your finances, and improve cooperation with your team. Accounting software should not be a chore to use Small business accounting software that is not accessible via the cloud can be monotonous. Conventionally, it can drain off of your business’ efforts and time. This does not add worth, and takes the fun beyond being in business. Cloud software can save money and time of your company. So is it the time…
  • Problems Manufacturers Face with Traditional Inventory Management & How to address them?

    16 May 2015 | 4:24 am
    As a business owner you worked really hard to see your company on heights of success. There are some sure signs that indicate business growth, more sales as well, that prove your efforts are paying off. One of those signs is increasing inventory. During the early period of business, many business owners can simply monitor inventory on a spreadsheet, but as time goes a situation comes where the inventory is getting too big to track on your spreadsheet or better inventory management methods are justified because your focus and time are required elsewhere. These four crystal clear signs let you…
  • 8 Proven Strategies That Will Drastically Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rate

    15 May 2015 | 3:22 am
    Is your Landing Page Conversion Rate doing well? Or are you not making any conversion at all? To achieve conversion, it is vital that you bring traffic to your website. And to ensure that you are able to convert potential visitors into a customer, make sure that your Landing Pages can persuade visitors to click the “buy button.” The key to plausible landing pages is to test, adjust and repeat the process. Here are some techniques to Boost Your Landing Page Conversion Rate:- 1) Landing Page Design By simply tweaking your Landing page design, the response of your visitors may be…
  • How to Develop SEO Strategy for Ecommerce Website Success?

    7 May 2015 | 5:26 am
    Ecommerce websites have earned a reputation of being difficult to navigate and ugly to look at. Generally, there are a lot of colors, fonts, and bright flashing annoying graphics. Just remember if you have an ecommerce site and the site looks ugly, then the visitors will be hitting the back button before you can say stop, and this will also end up in worse SEO rankings as your bounce rate will go through the roof. The success of your ecommerce business is in making your visitors feel at ease and comfortable so they stay on your site. Regardless of how great your products/services are, if you…
  • 5 Customer Service Practices Your Clients Will Surely Love

    6 May 2015 | 12:08 am
    For your business to actually succeed and soar high, it’s not sufficient that customers like you. They have to love you. So when you have revealed astonishing customers who are devoted to your business, make certain to go the extra mile to keep their loyalty and trust. Below are 5 practices your clients will surely love. Be sure to start implementing them if you haven’t already. 1) Never ignore them No one likes to be neglected, including your customers. They want to be ensured that they can depend on you today and tomorrow. As such, keep in touch with them at least twice a…
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    The Expand2Web Blog

  • Reviews and Reputation Webinar Recording Available

    Don Campbell
    3 May 2015 | 3:07 pm
    Do you have questions about how your local business should handle online reviews? How involved should you get? How do you handle bad reviews on Yelp, Google or Facebook? What about syndicated reviews? Last week I was a panelist on one of the BrightLocal InsideLocal webinars – Making Reviews and Reputation Work for Local Businesses – that answered these questions and a lot more. On the panel with me were Aaron Weiche, Phil Rozek and Thomas Ballantyne – all experts on this topic who are super generous with their knowledge and expertise. They shared a treasure trove of…
  • Taking Care of Your Customers

    Don Campbell
    10 Apr 2015 | 9:22 pm
    The best way to grow your business is to take good care of your customers. Deliver great products and services, and add that personal touch. But sometimes things still go wrong despite your best efforts. That’s why you need to be proactive with your customers, and ask for feedback to identify any issues right after the sale or interaction. Many of you know I’ve been working on a product to help you do just that. GetFiveStars helps you deliver a top-notch customer experience, and get more testimonials, online reviews, and referrals as a result. One of my favorite parts of…
  • Has Web Design Become a Commodity? Do You Need to Pay A Web Designer to Build A Website For You?

    Eileen Lonergan
    5 Nov 2014 | 9:15 am
    Over in the SmallBiz Experts Group on Facebook (which is a community of small business owners and web designers who have registered for membership on the Expand2Web site) there was quite a lively discussion which began by member Diane Ratliff, Your Friend on the Web, asking the group for opinions on the many ads running that are offering free websites. As a bit of background, the group meets regularly, about once a week, for a Live Chat or a more organized classroom session, led by Expand2Web founders Don Campbell and Thomas Hasch.  Topics range from search engine optimization, web design…
  • Impressions and Videos from WordCamp Ann Arbor

    Don Campbell
    18 Oct 2014 | 8:37 am
    I attended WordCamp Ann Arbor (#wca2) with some of our Expand2Web members – Eileen Lonergan, Mike Murphy and Josh Sholder. With Mike, Eileen and Josh at WordCamp Ann Arbor I was a panelist on the “Building Your Business” discussion and really enjoyed meeting my awesome co-panelists: Kyle Maurer (moderator), Ian Wilson, Kevin Skarritt, Justin Ferriman, Rebecca Gill and Ross Johnson. The room was packed and the audience had tons of great questions for us. Here are a few of my answers: How Important is it to differentiate your business? What advice would you give to someone…
  • New Features in GetFiveStars – Webinar Recording

    Don Campbell
    15 Oct 2014 | 10:30 pm
    Wow – we did our first customer webinar for GetFiveStars today, and I was blown away by the amount of great questions, feedback and suggestions. If you are using GetFiveStars, and didn’t get a chance to attend check out the webinar recording, you can watch it here: We showed a ton of new features, answered questions, and had a great time with all the enthusiasm and kind words from everyone. Here are a few of the things we showed: New designs for your customer feedback emails New designs for your customer feedback pages A TON of other new features including the new Performance…
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    WP Mayor

  • WPHelpDesk – Your WordPress Ticketing System

    Mark Zahra
    21 May 2015 | 5:00 am
    Working as a member of a support staff for any plugin, theme or other service, whether for WordPress or not, can be a challenging task. For this reason, it's important to have a good setup and software that will allow you to work smoothly and efficiently. There are a few WordPress plugins that are contributing to this service, and one of the latest ones I've come across is WP HelpDesk.
  • Ruby Theme Giveaway – Winners Annoucement

    Alyona Galea
    20 May 2015 | 5:00 am
    During the past 4 weeks we were running this awesome giveaway from King Kong Themes. Today we are ready to announce our winners!
  • Are You Using Pre-Made Layouts?

    Alyona Galea
    19 May 2015 | 5:00 am
    When you are looking for a multipurpose WordPress theme that will best serve your needs, you are quite naturally going to be checking out such features as responsiveness, ease of customization, SEO, optimization, and others, with fast page loading being one of the most important of all. Fast page loading, coupled with ease of customization, are significant website development time savers. Not to be overlooked however, is the importance of having a pre-made, easily customizable, layout at your fingertips.
  • Cool Giveaway – 3 ezPlugins WordPress Bundles up for Grabs!

    Alyona Galea
    18 May 2015 | 5:00 am
    Today we teamed up with ezPlugins to give you a chance to win 1 of 3 ezPlugins WordPress Bundles worth $65 each!
  • Converting HTML to WordPress Like Moving from Classics to Modernity

    Alyona Galea
    15 May 2015 | 5:01 am
    If you look through the history of website management tradition, you’ll definitely find something consonant with classics and modernity. More than a decade, the vast majority of content management systems have been breaking the new ground of transparent and multifunctional website creation. It was like a transition from static HTML website to the contemporary CMS software.
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    WP Daily Themes

  • Revant – A Free WordPress Theme in Magazine Style by Kopatheme

    22 May 2015 | 9:33 am
    What kind of WordPress theme do you prefer to use on your own website? I know there’re a lot of styles to choose from. And it’s not the easiest task to find the perfect theme. I know. I bet you are aware of the problem of finding a suitable and great WordPress theme for your website, right? No matter if it’s a free or a premium theme. There always will be a lot of testing back and forth with different themes before you are satisfied. I know from my own experience of finding the right theme. It takes a lot of time. But here’s a great solution that works.
  • How to Utilize WooCommerce Coupons to Make Your Customers Spend More

    21 May 2015 | 5:36 am
    WooCommerce is one of the best known open source e- commerce plugin for WordPress. It is a wonderfully designed and popular plugin, a handy helpline from small to large-scale online merchants who use WordPress. WooCommerce and WooThemes were recently acquired by Automattic. Developed by Mike Jolley and Jay Koster, WooCommerce was launched way back on September 27, 2011, the plugin gained popularity because of its simplicity, easy installation, and user friendliness. As per statistics is concerned, WooCommerce leads the race as the most used e-commerce solution in the world with 6 million…
  • Weekly WordPress Roundup #10

    20 May 2015 | 1:16 pm
    Today, I woke up with the big news in my feed saying Automattic acquired WooThemes. Makers of the biggest e-commerce platform (WooCommerce) were enjoying the announcement blowed up on the internet with the co-founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg. Matt also shared some pictures for the jolted moments. Being a part of the WordPress community, many questions were raised in my mind when I read about this acquisition. In the meantime, I received an email from WP Tavern sharing the statements of Matt Mullenweg on the news. It answers all my concerns. I noted down both the questions and their…
  • 4 Visual Editors for Changing the Appearance of Your WordPress Website

    Joe Fylan
    19 May 2015 | 12:07 am
    The WordPress Theme Customizer Many modern themes have embraced the WordPress theme customizer tool that makes it easy to change some of the visual properties of a website. However, if your current theme doesn’t fall into this category, or you’d like more control over how your website looks, what are you to do? In the past there would only be two options available to you: learn CSS and WordPress theme design or hire a developer. Now though, there are a handful of high-quality plugins available that give you access to a visual editor, through which you can make changes to almost every…
  • How to Create Unique and Beautiful Photo Galleries in WordPress

    16 May 2015 | 8:02 am
    If you like and enjoy to showcase photos, or shoot photos of great subjects or people?  Create stylish creative galleries in your WordPress website? Keep on reading. Today, I take a look at a new relatively unknown WordPress plugin named Cloud Image Gallery. So far, with low download statistics. Perhaps because it is new? But I like to try new creative themes and plugin so I today I decided to take Cloud Image Gallery for a test run and see if I could create a stylish and beautiful photo gallery. With hindsight, I think the gallery I created looks really awesome! I must add that Cloud Image…
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  • ManageWP Orion Developer Diary #4 – Client Report, Worker Recovery and More

    Nemanja Aleksic
    20 May 2015 | 9:57 am
    Clients love reports when they are done right. Most of your clients don’t care about the gritty details; they just care about the sense of security you give them. It doesn’t matter whether you store backups in two different geographical locations or whether you check malware on a daily or weekly basis. What matters is that you hold up your end of the bargain. The client report is a perfect way to impress your clients by going above and beyond their expectations. The old ManageWP client report lacked the depth and visual appeal it needed to impress users. When Orion went into…
  • Your Twitter Account Is a Treasure Cove of Information

    8 May 2015 | 8:01 am
    So you’ve got thousands of followers on Twitter. That’s pretty cool, congratulations! Have you considered that they’re a lot more valuable than you think? A quick look into your followers can help you make smart decisions and fuel your growth. Where can you find people that are interested in WordPress? What are they interested in? Where do the people familiar with your brand reside? If you consider visiting some event, can you get in touch with some of them? These were some of the questions that recently crossed my mind, so I decided to start looking for the answers at…
  • ManageWP Orion Developer Diary #3: Bulletproof Backup Solution

    Nemanja Aleksic
    4 May 2015 | 1:14 pm
    A lot of you have patiently waited for us to deliver on our promise and provide you with a bulletproof backup solution that your websites direly need. It’s time to reward your patience – the new backup app is being released tomorrow, on May 5, into the ManageWP Orion closed beta and it’s jam-packed with new features. No More High Server Load The first thing you’ll notice is how easily your website server is running backups. The new Orion backup runs just a small fraction of the process on your website server; the vast majority of the work is done by our own server infrastructure,…
  • ManageWP.org Launches the WordPress Events Hub

    30 Apr 2015 | 9:40 am
    “I was travelling the US last year and wanted to see which WordPress events I could attend along the route and there was no elegant solution to this problem. WordCamp Central lists only WordCamps without a map showing their location. There are also numerous meetups as well as non-WordCamp conferences like LoopConf, CaboPress, ThemeConf that are not listed anywhere. So I decided to build it.” - Vladimir Prelovac, Founder and CEO of ManageWP We kicked off the ManageWP.org project back in 2013 as a way of giving back to the WordPress community. Iinitially we had a single goal – to help…
  • Scientific search for the biggest WordPress brand

    Vladimir Prelovac
    10 Apr 2015 | 2:22 pm
    Ever since I posted an article on how to use Twitter to determine your brand strength I wanted to do this experiment – finding the most influential WordPress brand! Methodology If you can’t be bothered to read the article, the basic premise is this: if your brand uses Twitter, and you follow people who are relevant to your product/market/brand, then the percentage of the people who follow you back is a simple but very effective measure of your brand strength. For example, if I sell blue widgets and follow 100 important people in the blue widget market, and 40 of those follow me…
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    Jupiter Jim's Marketing Team

  • Emergency Security WordPress 4.2.1 Update

    2 May 2015 | 12:00 am
    You want to update your WordPress website or blog to WordPress 4.2.1 immediately for security reasons. Kimberly Castleberry was kind enough provide a link to more detailed information on the importance of this update at Forbes Magazine: WordPress Under Attack As Double Zero-Day Trouble Lands   I shot the video tutorial below so you can found out how easy it is to update your site in under 6 minutes. It’s always a very good idea to backup your site BEFORE updating it and then again AFTER you update it!  You can use this free plugin called BackWPup found on WordPress.org.    If…
  • How to Change Font Size and Family in WordPress 4.0

    22 Oct 2014 | 6:02 am
    The WP Edit plugin actually works starting with WordPress 3.9.    If you are using  WordPress versions 3.5.1 through 3.8.3 then you will want to use this WordPress plugin Ultimate TinyMCE which was created by the same great plugin developer Josh Lobe.  You can also watch my Video Tutorial on the Ultimate TinyMCE plugin right here on this site. WP Edit by Josh Lobe is the master plugin that allows you to easily change font size and family on WordPress post and pages. Just watch the WordPress Video Tutorial below to see how easy it is! Clicking the following link takes you directly to the…
  • Why I switched to Social Triggers Skin for Thesis 2.1

    11 Mar 2014 | 12:29 am
    I wanted to explain to you, my readers, why I changed my ‘theme’ and layout for this site. Prior to the existing theme and layout (that you are looking at right now), I was using the Thesis 1.8.5 framework and a skin I had purchased from Mike Nichols over at ThesisThemeTools.com.   That was a couple of years ago and right now Mike is working with me as my lead developer over at my other website JupiterJim.com.  You see, I also build WordPress websites for small and home-based businesses over at JupiterJim.com, in case you know of anyone who might be interested. As you all…
  • What Exactly is a WordPress Plugin? What is Software?

    29 Sep 2013 | 11:14 am
    Here’s the definition on WordPress.org WordPress Plugins allow easy modification, customization, and enhancement to a WordPress blog. Instead of changing the core programming of WordPress, you can add functionality with WordPress Plugins. Here is a basic definition: WordPress Plugin: A WordPress Plugin is a program, or a set of one or more functions, written in the PHP scripting language, that adds a specific set of features or services to the WordPress weblog, which can be seamlessly integrated with the weblog using access points and methods provided by the WordPress Plugin…
  • How to Add SEO Optimized Images to WordPress 3.6.1 Blog Posts and Pages

    21 Sep 2013 | 4:11 am
    How to Optimize the Images Please watch the WordPress Video Tutorial below to get more details than what you will find in this short checklist on the best way and easiest way to optimize your images for WordPress blog posts and pages. Here’s the checklist: Optimize the File Name. Optimize the Alt Tags Reduce file size. It really is about as easy as 1, 2, 3.   However, please watch the video tutorial I created below on optimizing images for WordPress.   It’s so much easier to learn when someone just shows you all the details. In the following WordPress Video Tutorial, I show you…
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  • WixStores – Enhance Your Small Business Globally With Wix.com

    30 Apr 2015 | 9:49 pm
    WixStores is amongst one of the top online e-commerce website builders, where merchants and sellers can create and design their store to display their materials for sale. WixStores is the online store builder of Wix.com, and Wix.com is a free website builder. Wix.com is known globally for its professional and beautiful website templates. WixStores has become the ideal eCommerce ... The post WixStores – Enhance Your Small Business Globally With Wix.com appeared first on All about WordPress.
  • The LMS Landscape and LifterLMS The e-Learning Landscape

    20 Apr 2015 | 10:00 pm
    As you may or may not know, the e-learning space is hot right now. It’s expected to generate $107 Billion in 2015, and grow at nearly 10% annually. Online Information Products are one of the most scalable business models in the world – you are not required to manufacture or house product and there’s little to ... The post The LMS Landscape and LifterLMS The e-Learning Landscape appeared first on All about WordPress.
  • Why Contemporary Interior Decoration Is A Good Choice?

    14 Apr 2015 | 3:01 am
    The pieces of contemporary furniture are ideal elements for a contemporary interior. When it comes to contemporary interior, we talk about sleek and clean environment. In order to plan for a contemporary look renovation of your room, you should think of contemporary furniture which you should include in your setting. You can pay visit to ... The post Why Contemporary Interior Decoration Is A Good Choice? appeared first on All about WordPress.
  • Three Essential Steps for Building a Quality WordPress Website in One Day

    12 Apr 2015 | 1:00 am
    WordPress is made to be easy to use. In fact, it is so user-friendly that virtually anyone, even people with no web experience, can use it to construct and maintain a basic blog or e-commerce site based on readily available themes and templates. While the WordPress community of developers have done a great job of ... The post Three Essential Steps for Building a Quality WordPress Website in One Day appeared first on All about WordPress.
  • Choosing BuddyPress to Turn WordPress Site to a Social Network: Why and How

    2 Apr 2015 | 2:27 am
    Almost every business constantly seeks for opportunities that helps them increase their brand visibility among a wider audience base. One best way to expand your brand’s voice and content is to set up a social network. Of course, social networks help increase your brand recognition to millions of users, but sometimes the scope that those ... The post Choosing BuddyPress to Turn WordPress Site to a Social Network: Why and How appeared first on All about WordPress.
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    CSS Hero

  • Introducing Static CSS Caching: CSS Hero 1.26

    22 May 2015 | 8:26 am
    In this update of CSS Hero, accessible for download to all our members in the dashboard area, we introduce a feature which can make your blog a little bit faster – especially if you have a good load of visitors, or a slow host. After upgrading to CSS Hero 1.26, you can turn caching on […] The post Introducing Static CSS Caching: CSS Hero 1.26 appeared first on CSS Hero.
  • Superheroes Never Sleep: Announcing The CSS Hero Add-on — Inspector

    15 May 2015 | 7:33 am
    You’ve likely heard the saying that, ‘Superheroes never sleep.’ Well, that same drive to do good and help make life a little bit better is one of the things that we at CSS Hero stand behind. Much like our comic book compatriots who keep their nose to the grindstone, we’ve been hard at work on […] The post Superheroes Never Sleep: Announcing The CSS Hero Add-on — Inspector appeared first on CSS Hero.
  • How To Make Your Visual Composer CTA Really Stand Out Using CSS Hero

    29 Apr 2015 | 1:56 am
    As far as page builder plugins go, Visual Composer by WP Bakery is one of the most popular out on the WordPress market today. Not only does the plugin come with the ability to build and edit your pages in both the back-end and front-end of your WordPress site, but the plugin is so popular […] The post How To Make Your Visual Composer CTA Really Stand Out Using CSS Hero appeared first on CSS Hero.
  • CSS Hero Gets A Super Hosting Sidekick: A2 Hosting Review

    22 Apr 2015 | 6:33 am
    It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s — No, not Superman. It’s CSS Hero! All joking aside, CSS Hero we’re a company dedicated to offering great products backed by great customer service. As a business that stands behind such ideologies, we are always on the lookout for other WordPress products or services that stand behind […] The post CSS Hero Gets A Super Hosting Sidekick: A2 Hosting Review appeared first on CSS Hero.
  • How To Use CSS Hero to Customize the Contact 7 Form Plugin

    15 Apr 2015 | 8:16 am
    With over 1 million active installations, the Contact 7 Form Plugin is one of the most popular contact forms in the WordPress Repository. Not only is it easy to use, but it’s also pretty easy to add additional tags to help create a unique contact form on your site. The only downside is that the plugin doesn’t […] The post How To Use CSS Hero to Customize the Contact 7 Form Plugin appeared first on CSS Hero.
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    Bob Dunn

  • Podcast: Why Should the Average User Care About WordPress News. Or Not. - BobWP

    Bob Dunn
    21 May 2015 | 5:00 am
    In episode 20, I talk about why the average WordPress use might not be as interested in a lot of the WordPress news out there. This podcast was inspired by yesterday’s announcement of WooThemes having been acquired by Automattic and looks at it from the user’s perspective. One note I would like to add. Since I touched mostly on what this would mean to a WooTheme or WooCommerce customer, another important aspect of this is what it means to WordPress.com. In a nutshell, this could open WordPress.com into the eCommerce world. Imagine that. It will be interesting to see what happens.
  • 5 Steps to Turn Your Blog Post Into An Engaging Story - BobWP

    Judy Lee Dunn
    20 May 2015 | 5:00 am
    As the chief blogger on our first blog, Cat’s Eye Marketing,my tagline was Educate, Engage, Entertain. Being a newbie, I watched bloggers and read a lot of different blogs. And I recognized that that many of successful ones could be described as ‘useful.’ There is nothing wrong with that. It’s a great way to go with a blog. We all need this kind of stuff, things that will help us improve our businesses or our lives. But over time I came to see that the other part of the equation, the story, is what keeps readers most interested in the things I am educating them about. They go hand…
  • Not in Seattle for Bob’s Workshops?: WordPress Online Courses Have Arrived - BobWP

    Bob Dunn
    19 May 2015 | 5:00 am
    You have seen a lot of changes here on my site over the last few months. In March, I announced the direction I was taking to add another focus: my local, in-person training. Earlier this month, I announced my sponsored workshops that are making it possible for me to offer them free. And as a result of all that, I am now announcing the official launch of my very first online course, How To Use WordPress For Your Business Site. Some of you may be saying, “Bob, I thought you weren’t doing anything online except your one-on-one coaching.” Well, the fact is, these on-line…
  • Content SEO – A Must-Have eBook From Yoast - BobWP

    Bob Dunn
    18 May 2015 | 5:01 am
    Over the years, I have found tons of resources for SEO (search engine optimization), whether it was online or in person. The exceptional people, the ones who really knew their stuff, though, I count probably count on two hands. In other words, I have read, seen and met the good, the bad, and the ugly. Some may have actually been worse than the ugly. But for as long as I have followed and known Yoast, I have never been disappointed with SEO advice or plugins of theirs that I’ve used. Currently, I run their SEO for WordPress Premium and SEO Local on this site. In fact, as far as…
  • Podcast: Why Should You Have a Blog Even If You Don’t Blog - BobWP

    Bob Dunn
    14 May 2015 | 8:55 am
      In episode 19, I talk about how all businesses are being told that every business should have a blog. I tend to disagree, and will give you some ideas of how you can get the benefit of a blog without actually having a blog. You can see all my podcasts here or subscribe via: The post Podcast: Why Should You Have a Blog Even If You Don’t Blog appeared first on BobWP. WordPress All The Time!            
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    JustWP - Best WordPress Website Themes, Plugins, Tutorials, Tips For Beginners

  • Best WordPress Themes For Charitable Organizations

    Karan Chopra
    21 May 2015 | 6:31 pm
    With the way world expressing itself, just like any other organization, charitable organizations too are now taking huge hike with working towards their web presence. While there are number of themes available over the web to make this possible for them but to ease the thing, here in this article, we have showcased the best WordPress themes for charitable organizations. Lifeline Key Features Fully Responsive Clean, highly flexible and beautifully designed Six Unique Homepage Layouts Built-in SEO Fast loading Cross browser compatibility WooCommerce Layer Slider Revolution Slider BBPress Visual…
  • Best Of Business Cards Collection

    Karan Chopra
    19 May 2015 | 6:31 pm
    Require a business card but don’t know what design suits you the most? Well like this hundreds of new business owners gets confused over business card design selection. Well with this article, we have collected some of best business cards examples for you. Photography Business Card Template [Explore] Lawyer Business Cards [Explore] Clean & Minimal Photography Business Card [Explore] Black and gold [Explore] We Are Designers Business Card [Explore] Click [Explore] Freelance Medical Translation [Explore] Professional Photography Business Card [Explore] The post Best Of Business Cards…
  • Best Of WordPress Music Plugins

    Karan Chopra
    18 May 2015 | 6:32 pm
    With huge websites over the web, there are one part of people also there who are interested in having music gesture too onboard. Well with this article, we have collected the best of WordPress music plugins for you. Gmedia Gallery The plugin allows you to manage files, show image galleries and photo slideshows, play music on your site. More Info | Download Music Store The plugin allows you to have an online store for selling audio files: music, speeches, narratives, everything audio. More Info | Download Soundy Background Music The plugin allows any page or post to play a soundtrack while it…
  • Best Of WordPress Snippets RoundUp – 3

    Karan Chopra
    17 May 2015 | 6:31 pm
    How To Remove WordPress Version From Head And Feeds Using the following snippet, you will be able to remove WordPress version from head and feeds.function complete_version_removal() { return ''; } add_filter('the_generator', 'complete_version_removal');Snippet Source/Credit: Snipplr How To List All Available WordPress Roles Using the following snippet, you will be able to list all available WordPress roles.$roles_obj = new WP_Roles(); $roles_names_array = $roles_obj->get_names(); echo '<select name="role">'; foreach ($roles_names_array as $role_name) { echo…
  • Keep WordPress In Perfect State With Regular Updates

    Dan Radak
    14 May 2015 | 6:31 pm
    A website can be created by real professionals, who devise a unique look specifically for your site. That is how large businesses usually do. However, these days every literate Internet user can also create a site on his/her own. One of the best platforms that gives us tools for making our own site or blog is WordPress. Thanks to dozens of useful options and add-ons, sites created via this platform stand shoulder to shoulder with those pro-made sites. But it is vital to keep such a site up to date. More power for the author With every new update, WordPress improves many features. The main…
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  • WPUniversity Recommends: The Best WordPress Hosting

    Ben Fox
    2 May 2015 | 12:35 pm
    “Who should I host with?” We get that question a lot! And the answer? It depends. What kind of site are you running? What’s your budget? Will intermittent downtime be a problem for you? It can become quite a back-and-forth discussion. So we’ve gone ahead and put this post together, recommending companies that we use ourselves, or companies that are strongly favoured by the people we know and trust. You can jump straight to the recommendations or read on to learn how we’ve grouped them. Disclosure: We’re using affiliate links in this post. Clicking through…
  • WordPress 4.2 New Features

    Bart Dabek
    19 Apr 2015 | 7:00 pm
    Plugin Updates The plugin update and installation process has been greatly improved in WordPress 4.2. You are no longer redirected to another page during the update, it’s now done via Ajax inline making the process much more enjoyable. Hopefully this leads to more people running updates on plugins. New Emoji Support WordPress will now have built in support for emoji icons. This may not seem like a big feature however it allows for support of Han characters (Chinese, Japanese, Koren) out of the box. This opens up additional markets that WordPress can expand to much easier with…
  • Ask WPUniversity: How do I alphabetically sort posts in a category?

    Ben Fox
    18 Feb 2014 | 7:50 am
    Mabel asked: Can you suggest a plugin that will sort posts under a specific category in alphabetical order? For this post, we’re assuming that Mabel wants to display posts from a category in alphabetical order. If you’re comfortable working with WordPress theme templates, this can be done using the standard get_posts() function. If you’re not keen on diving into theme code, you can achieve something similar with the Mini Loops plugin. Using the Mini Loops Plugin The Mini Loops plugin is essentially a shortcode for creating WordPress queries. Add some options (arguments) to…
  • Everything’s coming up Clippy!

    Ben Fox
    14 Feb 2014 | 2:56 pm
    Here’s what we’ve been writing, reading, and sharing this past week: On WPUniversity.com WordCamp Organizing 101: Registration – Another entry in our series on organizing WordCamps. This week we’re diving into handling online registration and the in-person lineups during the event. Codename Clippy – We held our first-ever team hackathon last weekend, and this is how it all went down. (We’re keeping the product under wraps until the relaunch of WPUniversity.) How do I move my site to the first page of Google? People have been chasing search engine rankings…
  • WordCamp Organizing 101: Registration

    Ben Fox
    12 Feb 2014 | 1:50 pm
    This is part of our series on organizing WordCamps. If you’re an organizer with advice to share, or a potential organizer with questions to ask, please get in touch with us! The official WordCamp Planning Guide outlines ticket sales and pricing in detail. So, in this post, we’re going to talk about other things related to selling tickets and handling registration during the event. Let’s go! Asking Questions During Registration All WordCamp sites use the CampTix plugin to handle online registration. One of my favourite features in CampTix is the ability to add custom…
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    TeslaThemes » Blog

  • TeslaThemes turns 2 years old, get a massive discount

    20 May 2015 | 11:47 pm
    It’s time to celebrate our 2nd anniversary! It was a great year for all of us, we created lots of great WordPress themes, implemented new features, answered your questions, re-designed our site and more important: we now have a community of 12,780+ happy customers. Thanks for being a part of our family, you give us the confidence to move forward and we will do our best to provide you high quality products and services. We designed a beautiful infographic that lists all our achievements during the past year, it was (and still is) a nice journey for us. Let’s have a look: Spread the…
  • Freebie: 19 high quality device mockups (PSD)

    8 May 2015 | 12:49 am
    Here is another great freebie that you can use to represent your design works in a beautiful way. The bundle includes 19 high quality PSD mockups with different devices, well organized and grouped by layers and smart objects. All images are in high resolution (min 3000 px width), so you can use them for Retina displays as well. Simply include your images (via smart objects) in the mockup you wish and save it. Freebie info: File type: layered PSD with smart objects File size: the whole bundle has 841 MB, but you can download each file separately Dimensions: min 3000 px width Items:…
  • Meet Revoke2 – a better Revoke

    6 May 2015 | 12:35 am
    Revoke is still one of our most popular and most sold WordPress themes. We decided to upgrade it and create a better version: more flexible, customizable and fully featured. In the end, you have the same beautiful, clean, modern WordPress theme with a lot more options and the same price. We’re happy to announce Revoke2 – a multipurpose premium WordPress theme with eCommerce functionality and a stylish design. What’s new in Revoke2? Fully responsive layout based on 1170 px grid (you can also choose to display the full width version) Slider Revolution included for free (worth…
  • Unik released + 2 new WordPress themes on the way

    6 Apr 2015 | 1:23 am
    Unik is finally here. Have a look at our latest creative WordPress theme with a wide range of advanced features and plenty of stylish effects. We’ve packet it with lots of awesome plugins and features like: Revolution slider, Visual composer, sticky navigation, Parallax effect, neat CSS3 animations, smooth transitions, image lazy loading and much more. Unik is fast, light and smooth (it’s optimized to target 60 frames per second) and provides a unique user experience. It has a modern look and feel and is suited for personal or business use. Unik is the ideal choice for a portfolio…
  • Today everyone jokes except us: Get 50% discount

    31 Mar 2015 | 7:06 am
    Happy April Fools’ Day everyone! Just like the title states, everyone is joking on this day except us We are launching a special campaign to give 50% on all our themes. So stop making weird and unwanted jokes to your friends and get our best themes or subscriptions with a 50% discount.  Use coupon code APRIL1ST to get 50% OFF on all our WordPress Themes and subscription plans. The offer expires on 2nd of April, 2015. PROMOTION DETAILS: When? From 1st April, 2015 to 2nd April, 2015 What do I get? 50% discount on all WordPress Themes and subscription plans How to…
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    Master Blogster

  • Tricks of Publicity and Corporate Blog Marketing

    23 May 2015 | 7:08 am
    Personal blogs are one thing, while company and corporate blogs are a very different concept. You’re probably more familiar with the personal blog variety, or even the typical news blog, but company blogs are extremely important as well, as they give a pathway for businesses to share information and relate to potential customers and clients. Defining a Corporate Blog        So how would you define a corporate blog? In general, it would just be a blog that directly related to the core message of a business. Consider the official Microsoft blog. That is a prime example of a well…
  • 4 Tips for Real Estate Bloggers        

    20 May 2015 | 7:46 am
    Real estate bloggers are an important part of the blogosphere. This has happened naturally becomes homes are such an integral part of daily life. It doesn’t matter if you own one, rent one, rent out many, or are simply in any sort of industry that is connected to home ownership or real estate somehow – you’re going to want to be up to date on all of the latest information, and real estate bloggers are going to provide that. If you’re doing the writing, some key issues to always include in your content include information about utilities, landscaping, DIY repairs, and cleaning. The…
  • Using Blogging To Help Yourself and Others

    22 Apr 2015 | 10:06 am
    Many times, bloggers use their virtual writing space in order to spread information about external events. This could be anything from news, to product reviews, to event reviews, to simple observations. However, another possible avenue to go through would be as a kind of self-help or therapeutic voyage. People have always been able to write in private journals to sort their minds out, but being able to blog publically now allows individuals to release their thoughts and ideas out into the open. This openness can potentially help their own sense of self, and if anyone reading is going through…
  • Three Tips for Efficient Blogging Trips

    20 Apr 2015 | 12:03 pm
    Blogging from your home station is one thing, but blogging on the go is an entirely different animal. However, just because it’s different doesn’t mean it has to be stressful or more difficult. In fact, it can be just the opposite. And a blogging ‘trip’ doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a huge weeklong adventure. It can even be a few-hour journey to an event of some sort. The point is that you’re taking your blogging skills mobile, and in order to make that be effective, consider three tips about business, preparation, and expectation. Blogging Alongside Your Business Do you…
  • Best Medical Blogs Run by Medical Professionals

    2 Apr 2015 | 1:22 am
    There’s almost no answer that can’t be found by a simple Internet search these days so it’s no wonder that people now also turn here for medical advice. The pitfall is, of course, that it’s not necessarily guaranteed that information is coming from a credible source, but that can be avoided by hitting up sites and according to Matthew Herper of Forbes, blogs run by medical professionals. As busy as they are there are still plenty of doctors and medical professionals who have found the time to share their knowledge, give advice on staying healthy, and more. Medical…
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    WP Squared | Wordpress

  • Top 6 Facebook Plugins For WordPress

    Joe Fylan
    13 May 2015 | 5:07 am
    Whether you’re blogging for money or as a hobby, it’s now a must to integrate ways to share your content on social media. When it comes to social media, you want to start with the giants i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. In this post we’re going to look at some handy Facebook plugins that let you add a range of different ways to broadcast your content out to millions of Facebook users. Why Facebook? With more than 1 billion active monthly users, Facebook is such a force to be reckoned with that you cannot afford to ignore it. The best part is that there are plenty of ways you can…
  • Top 6 SEO Plugins for WordPress

    Joe Fylan
    5 May 2015 | 2:18 am
    WordPress comes with some great SEO capabilities out of the box. What’s more some themes are built to fully exploit these native SEO features to the maximum. You can also optimize your website further by employing the latest proven best practices. The result is that you can boost your search engine rankings, increase traffic and gain more subscribers. This all puts you in good position to start monetizing your blog. The Best SEO Plugins for WordPress With a focus on blogging, WordPress provides multiple ways to ensure that your content is always optimized for search. A combination of custom…
  • 15+ Best Photography WordPress Themes 2015

    Kevin Muldoon
    15 Apr 2015 | 5:00 am
    Photographers are by their very nature, visually aware and artistic people. The website where they display their photographs should therefore be an extension of their work, and enhance their portfolio, like an art gallery. In this post we will look at the very best Photography WordPress themes as curated by our editor, and discuss a few of the reasons why WordPress is the ideal content management system to help gain clients, sell photographs, and build your reputation. All the premium WordPress themes listed are 100% responsive, and designed to showcase your work to the very highest…
  • 17+ Free Photography WordPress Themes 2015

    Sam Sinton
    23 Mar 2015 | 4:54 am
    Today I will be looking at some free WordPress themes for photographers, and photography websites. If you are looking for premium photography themes please check this list. While premium WordPress theme are often considered to be of higher quality than those offered for free, I believe the themes below show that there are still some pretty good free themes available. There are many hobbyist photographers that do not want to spend an arm and a leg getting there website live, and these themes should really help you to show of your photographers and pictures to the world without needing to fork…
  • Top 10 WordPress Themes for Google AdSense

    Joe Fylan
    17 Mar 2015 | 10:00 pm
    Choosing the right WordPress theme for a website that is to monetized with Google AdSense can be a minefield. It is with this statement in mind that I am once again rewriting this popular post, and also revising my theme selection of what I consider to be the best themes for AdSense. In the past, many webmasters concentrated only on the click through rate (CTR), and the amount of money earned. However as Google’s program policies have developed I no longer believe that these should be the only considerations when choosing an appropriate template, and business model. Any WordPress…
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  • A2 Hosting Review

    Imbesat Fatema
    18 May 2015 | 9:11 am
    A2 hosting has been in the web hosting business since 2001 and they are based in Michigan. The firm was earlier known as Iniquinet however, it got its present name in the year 2003. A2 hosting a popular and reputed web hosting company with great services and support. A2 hosting is also a pioneer in […] The post A2 Hosting Review appeared first on Indexwp. #wordpress #seo #ppc #plugins
  • Top 10 WordPress Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now

    Nitish Singh
    10 May 2015 | 6:29 pm
    Are you a WordPress junkie who love to read awesome WordPress posts each day in the morning? Well, if you are then we have composed a list of Top WordPress Blogs You Should be Reading Right Now. WordPress ecosystem is complex and there is something happening every single day. The CMS is growing every year […] The post Top 10 WordPress Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now appeared first on Indexwp. #wordpress #seo #ppc #plugins
  • Bluehost Web Hosting Review

    Imbesat Fatema
    8 May 2015 | 7:15 am
    Bluehost is a popular hosting service, powering over 2 million websites worldwide. Bluehost is one of the oldest web hosting services, started in 1996. It has now become one of the largest in the business, they have flexible plans for every pocket and size. It has all the features that a good web hosting service […] The post Bluehost Web Hosting Review appeared first on Indexwp. #wordpress #seo #ppc #plugins
  • 8 Best Search Plugins for WordPress To Improve User Experience

    Nitish Singh
    5 May 2015 | 6:19 am
    WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. With 23% of the websites made in WordPress, the CMS has left its footprints on the web already. But, it has some drawbacks. The vanilla WordPess installation does not come with an excellent search functionality. The default search is simple. With WordPress ecosystem in place, there […] The post 8 Best Search Plugins for WordPress To Improve User Experience appeared first on Indexwp. #wordpress #seo #ppc #plugins
  • HostGator Web Hosting Review

    Imbesat Fatema
    22 Apr 2015 | 5:33 am
    Today every firm needs to have online presence to be successful and to put up your website on the web, you need a hosting service. HostGator is one of the most popular web hosts and hosts more than 8 million domains. HostGator was founded by Brent Oxley and came into existence back in 2002 and […] The post HostGator Web Hosting Review appeared first on Indexwp. #wordpress #seo #ppc #plugins
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  • Guest Posting for SEO: Still Valuable or Not?

    Ariel Rule
    21 May 2015 | 8:30 pm
    The post Guest Posting for SEO: Still Valuable or Not? appeared first on WPEka. As Google continues to roll out small and large algorithm updates, what many have considered great SEO tactics are now scratching their heads (or pounding them against their desks) as they try to figure out what it is that will really work. One of the things that caused quite an uproar is when Matt Cutts ... The post Guest Posting for SEO: Still Valuable or Not? appeared first on WPEka.
  • The Beaver Page Builder: A Delightfully Easy-To-Use Page Builder for WordPress

    Ariel Rule
    19 May 2015 | 8:30 pm
    The post The Beaver Page Builder: A Delightfully Easy-To-Use Page Builder for WordPress appeared first on WPEka. There are quite a few page builders out there for WordPress. Some are in the form of a whole theme while others are packaged as a plugin that work to help make designing your site a bit easier. I’ve had the chance to test out one such plugin and was seriously impressed by all you ... The post The Beaver Page Builder: A Delightfully Easy-To-Use Page Builder for WordPress appeared first on WPEka.
  • How To Snag Traffic From Twitter

    Ariel Rule
    17 May 2015 | 8:30 pm
    The post How To Snag Traffic From Twitter appeared first on WPEka. Social Media is the new hotspot for anyone looking to get some traffic to their site that doesn’t require SEO to get it. There are so many social platforms out there, but Twitter has long held its place in the top 3 social media platforms to focus on when searching for more traffic to your blog ... The post How To Snag Traffic From Twitter appeared first on WPEka.
  • Tips for Creating a Business Directory with WordPress

    Shaun Quarton
    15 May 2015 | 4:06 am
    The post Tips for Creating a Business Directory with WordPress appeared first on WPEka. Business directories are so popular because they provide value to a wide range of users. Let’s take a quick look at how they benefit their three main stakeholders. Directories allow visitors to make an informed decision by making all options available in one convenient location — if someone wants to eat out, they can find ... The post Tips for Creating a Business Directory with WordPress appeared first on WPEka.
  • 3 Ways to Maximize Your Online Store’s Exposure on a Budget

    Ariel Rule
    13 May 2015 | 11:30 am
    The post 3 Ways to Maximize Your Online Store’s Exposure on a Budget appeared first on WPEka. Whether you are launching a new online store or trying to ramp up your existing marketing efforts, your ability to maximize exposure can mean the difference between success and failure. No online store is able to thrive in obscurity! We’re going to stray from the basics today and take a look at some of the ... The post 3 Ways to Maximize Your Online Store’s Exposure on a Budget appeared first on WPEka.
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    Genesis Club Pro Plugin

  • Using External Featured Images Just Got Easier

    Russell Jamieson
    7 May 2015 | 1:45 pm
    Fed up with trying to find your images in the WordPress Media Library? Maybe you’re like me and a bit OCD and dislike the clutter of having five versions of the image when you only use one? Or maybe you don’t like the negative size impact of the Media Library on your daily backups, and […] The post Using External Featured Images Just Got Easier appeared first on Genesis Club Pro Plugin.
  • How To Set Up The Genesis Club First Time Slider

    Russell Jamieson
    4 May 2015 | 6:23 pm
    The Genesis Club First Time Slider widget is designed for use on the home page. On the first visit you may want a longer slider that delivers you marketing message fully. Often this might be a dozen slides or so. However, on subsequent visits you want something more pithy that gets your message across in […] The post How To Set Up The Genesis Club First Time Slider appeared first on Genesis Club Pro Plugin.
  • How To Set Up The Genesis Club Content Slider

    Russell Jamieson
    4 May 2015 | 6:07 pm
    The content slider builds the slideshow based on the context. It is can be used on the home page, on archive pages or on individual posts. The slider layout is controlled by a template – this is a bit like choosing the Master Slide on a Powerpoint presentation. Slideshow Content The content of the slider […] The post How To Set Up The Genesis Club Content Slider appeared first on Genesis Club Pro Plugin.
  • How To Customize Your Login Page

    Russell Jamieson
    4 May 2015 | 5:09 pm
    You may want to customize the WordPress login page on a membership site or just for own personal amusement. Simply go to Genesis Club Pro > Display and click the Custom Login tab Enable the feature Optionally choose your own background image – recommend size is around 1200px by 800px Optionally choose your own logo […] The post How To Customize Your Login Page appeared first on Genesis Club Pro Plugin.
  • Imagine Getting More Social Sharing From The Moment You Publish

    Russell Jamieson
    26 Apr 2015 | 7:59 pm
    The latest version of Genesis Club Pro has been a while in coming. And that’s because it packs a lot of new features. The most notable of these is the new social sharing module which looks better, performs better and gets you more social shares more quickly. So what else is new? Spice up your […] The post Imagine Getting More Social Sharing From The Moment You Publish appeared first on Genesis Club Pro Plugin.
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    SmallEnvelop » Front Page

  • Show post byline (post author, post published date, and category) or post meta data with link.

    17 May 2015 | 1:04 pm
    WordPress blog posts have meta informations or post byline which is called as post meta data. You can find these post bylines around the title, either above or below. What is Post meta data. The post meta informations consist of post author name, post category and post published date and comments count for each post. These meta informations can be linked with archive pages ( Author archives, Month archives, Category archive ). Showing post meta data in your post is a good practice which help people to get these informations and better navigation to post archives. How to show post byline…
  • 4 ways to limit post excerpt length in WordPress

    29 Apr 2015 | 3:05 am
    Updated: A post excerpt is a description or post summary. When we don’t want to show the full content we uses post excerpt. It is mainly used in following ways in a WordPress theme. RSS Feeds Search results Tag archives Category archives Monthly archives Author archives To show a post summary simply use the_excerpt() below post title. By default WordPress show a limit of 55 words in an excerpt. However you can customize this limit in many ways. In this post I will show you a number of ways to limit post excerpt length. Limit post excerpt length or post content length using number of…
  • Best Free Page Builder Plugin WordPress

    5 Apr 2015 | 10:22 am
    Today most of the premium WordPress themes comes with page builder and drag n drop features to design custom layout. But what if you use free themes? Here I listed down the best free page builder plugins for WordPress. With these plugins you can make awesome sites with custom pages. Best Free Page Builder Plugin for WordPress 1. Page Builder by SiteOrigin Page Builder by SiteOrigin is the most popular page creation, layout builder plugin for WordPress. It is easy to build responsive grid-based page content that adapts to mobile devices with pixel perfect accuracy. SiteOrigin comes with a…
  • How to Create Featured Posts Section in WordPress

    28 Mar 2015 | 8:30 am
    WordPress is well known for its great powerful customization feature. Whenever you feel something is required, you can easily achieve that in many ways such as: WordPress plugins Adding functions Editing previously created functions. Here we are going to learn how to add a featured posts section or featured content in your WordPress. Featured contents are used to highlight some content to your visitors. Sometimes it is mandatory to display some important posts first to your audience. So in this tutorial we’ll learn to make featured posts section. Add a featured posts section…
  • How To Add Language Translator To WordPress

    11 Mar 2015 | 10:00 am
    In this world people speak many languages, people of different areas have their different mother tongue. Every country has its own national language. English is a global language but people from different areas prefer different languages, So if your website is restricted to only one language you can miss the chance to link large audience. Generally for any language translation we simply use Google Translate to translate the site over to our desired language. In this article we will show you how to add language translate to WordPress.  How to Add Language Translator to WordPress  Download…
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  • HTML to WordPress: Evolutionise Your Website

    Sasha Sokolova
    21 May 2015 | 4:15 am
      To be successful in this dynamic and fast changing world you have to stay up to date with all of the newest inventions and solutions. If you fall behind – you risk to be crushed under the feet of … Continue reading → The post HTML to WordPress: Evolutionise Your Website appeared first on CMS2CMS.
  • Most Wanted WordPress Tricks and Hacks

    Sasha Sokolova
    20 May 2015 | 6:34 am
    No matter how much experience with WordPress you have, chances are that you still don’t know all of it’s hidden features. Moreover, lots of developers are constantly working hard to create new plugins in order to enhance the platform’s functionality. … Continue reading → The post Most Wanted WordPress Tricks and Hacks appeared first on CMS2CMS.
  • vBulletin vs. WordPress: Choosing the Right Option (Prezi)

    Sasha Sokolova
    19 May 2015 | 3:27 am
    The world of internet communication is rapidly developing and every day there appear many new and popular ways to start discussion. However, forum boards still don’t lose their eminence and loyal followers, and due to this fact many users face … Continue reading → The post vBulletin vs. WordPress: Choosing the Right Option (Prezi) appeared first on CMS2CMS.
  • A Glimpse Into the Future of WordPress

    Sasha Sokolova
    14 May 2015 | 4:57 am
    WordPress is by far the most popular CMS platform in use that powers more than 23% of the top 10 million websites. It is trusted by such well-known brands as The New York Observer, CNN Political Ticker, Play Station and … Continue reading → The post A Glimpse Into the Future of WordPress appeared first on CMS2CMS.
  • Joomla K2 to WordPress: All of the Whys and Hows of Successful Migration (Prezi)

    Sasha Sokolova
    12 May 2015 | 5:14 am
    Needless to say that in today’s highly competitive market, it is of critical importance for every enterprise to grow and develop constantly. One of the brightest illustrations of this claim is internet industry.  Fierce competition urges website owners look for … Continue reading → The post Joomla K2 to WordPress: All of the Whys and Hows of Successful Migration (Prezi) appeared first on CMS2CMS.
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    Kasa Reviews

  • How to Convert HTML Website to WordPress Free

    18 May 2015 | 4:52 am
    How to Convert HTML Website to WordPress Free In the beginning all websites were made with text and static HTML. There was no WP and need to convert HTML website to WordPress or any other CMS system. Now The post How to Convert HTML Website to WordPress Free appeared first on Kasa Reviews.
  • How To Migrate WordPress Site Free Using Duplicator Plugin

    30 Apr 2015 | 1:54 pm
    How To Migrate WordPress Site Free Using Duplicator Plugin Process to migrate WordPress site to another domain, hosting, subdomain or directory presents daunting task to many users. The advice on the Codex, while comprehensive, gives you a bunch of The post How To Migrate WordPress Site Free Using Duplicator Plugin appeared first on Kasa Reviews.
  • Top 3 WordPress Social Locker Plugins Comparison

    29 Apr 2015 | 6:45 am
    Top 3 WordPress Social Locker Plugins Comparison With every hit of the “publish” button, you cross your fingers and anxiously hope that readers will share your post. Sometimes they do . . . but sometimes they don’t. Every blogger The post Top 3 WordPress Social Locker Plugins Comparison appeared first on Kasa Reviews.
  • Swift Security vs Hide My WP – Which Is Better In Hiding WordPress?

    22 Apr 2015 | 11:48 am
    Swift Security vs Hide My WP – Which Is Better In Hiding WordPress? WordPress is well-known content management system (CMS). More than 23% of the top 10 million websites on the internet use it. Because of that popularity, WordPress has become a common The post Swift Security vs Hide My WP – Which Is Better In Hiding WordPress? appeared first on Kasa Reviews.
  • Top 11 WordPress Theme Frameworks Overview

    16 Apr 2015 | 4:17 am
    Top 11 WordPress Theme Frameworks Overview According to the WordPress Codex, a WordPress theme framework is “a drop-in code library that is used to facilitate the development of a theme.” The codex adds that frameworks are The post Top 11 WordPress Theme Frameworks Overview appeared first on Kasa Reviews.
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  • Review: Scalia – Redefining Multi-Purpose for WordPress

    Sam Berson
    20 May 2015 | 12:00 am
    Released just over a month ago, Scalia is a new multi-purpose WordPress theme I want to discuss in today’s post. Taking into account a large variety of great premium themes on the market the first question you may ask is: why Scalia? What is so special about this theme? Let’s take a look. One Theme – Five Designs A really cool thing about Scalia is, that by purchasing one theme you actually get five themes, all in different styles & design approaches. In this way you can use Scalia for building absolutely different web projects, based on one solid backend. You get one…
  • Add Another Revenue Channel to Your WordPress Website with LifterLMS

    Jonathan Beck
    4 May 2015 | 12:00 am
    There’s probably an area of knowledge that you know well enough to teach to somebody, and realistically, there is somebody out there that would happily pay you for it. To give you some context, the e-Learning space is expected to generate $107 Billion in 2015, and grow at nearly 10% annually. For those of you that aren’t privy to industry sizes, specifically web-based industries, and their relative growth rates, we’ll just go ahead and tell you right now- those numbers are gigantic and scream opportunity. Yesterday was the time for you to start claiming market share in your industry or…
  • Read My Interview with Cloudways

    Sam Berson
    20 Apr 2015 | 1:30 pm
    I was recently interviewed by a good friend of mine, Waseem Abbas, about my thoughts on WordPress and about this site, wpContent. I had a really fun time being interviewed by him, and hopefully you’ll enjoy reading the post too! I was also asked for my opinions on topics such as whether or not I believed WordPress would become a big application framework in the future. As much as I’d love it to become the next cutting-edge application framework, I don’t really think that it will. I’m sure that some people will use it for this purpose, but ultimately, at its core, it’s a blogging…
  • How to Supersize Your Moodle LMS Using WordPress

    Namrata Godkar
    31 Mar 2015 | 12:00 am
    Steve owns an e-learning website on Moodle. He’s been using Moodle for quite some time now and has been happy with it. He can set up course content, manage student registrations, generate reports, track progress – basically anything related to a learning management system. But to sell his courses, Steve chooses to use a different e-commerce solution, which provides his students several payment options and the possibility to add coupons. Any guesses on the e-commerce solution he chooses to use? (You know it…) WordPress! Although WordPress and Moodle are different platforms,…
  • Should WordPress Ship ‘Hello Dolly’ and ‘Akismet’ With Every Installation?

    Syed Waseem Abbas
    3 Mar 2015 | 12:00 am
    WordPress was initially used for blogs, but now 23% of active websites are being powered by WordPress. In the past few years, WordPress has grown exponentially. With every installation, we get the swag from WordPress in the form of two plugins and a few latest themes. Most of us delete these commodities right away. In a recent research on active Facebook groups for WordPress, we have seen that 90% of users delete Hello Dolly, while 65% WordPress users delete both Akismet and Hello Dolly right after installing WordPress (stats updated after the discussions in both the groups). These stats made…
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  • Google Webmaster Rebranded as Search Console

    Keyur Amin
    22 May 2015 | 6:52 pm
    Google recently announced that they have rebranded their webmaster tools as ‘Search Console‘. The name webmaster tools was much more confirmed to webmasters, psychologically but now that it has more features that normal users and owners of site can also browse through, Google decided to brand it as ‘Search console’. Google recently added Search Analytics […] The post Google Webmaster Rebranded as Search Console appeared first on Laplacef written by Keyur Amin.
  • 10 SEO Mistakes You Should Always Avoid

    Keyur Amin
    14 May 2015 | 7:44 pm
    I think this seems to be quite over-exaggerated topic but these are some serious mistakes that I have mentioned and it is damn critical to avoid or risk rankings. We all do complete on-page optimisation but at times unknowingly we do over-optimisation. So without further ado, let’s get on to the topic. 10 SEO Mistakes […] The post 10 SEO Mistakes You Should Always Avoid appeared first on Laplacef written by Keyur Amin.
  • Referral Spam – Remove it from Google Analytics

    Keyur Amin
    1 May 2015 | 8:11 pm
    Many people have asked how we can get rid of referral spam in Google Analytics. We normally see this under Reporting > Acquisition > All Traffic > Referrals. If you see source such as free-share-buttons, buttons-for-your-website, best-seo-offer, hulfington-post, etc and the bounce rate corresponding to this websites is 100%, then it is a referral spam. This could […] The post Referral Spam – Remove it from Google Analytics appeared first on Laplacef written by Keyur Amin.
  • 93 Blogging Tips: Bloggers Checklist 2015

    Keyur Amin
    22 Mar 2015 | 3:59 am
    Blogging Tips – I wish I had this in mind when I started my own blog. I created this blog through lot of hassles and then discovered certain blogging tips on the way through several other internet marketing blogs. You must be passionate about telling stories, your personal life, your business ethics and products details […] The post 93 Blogging Tips: Bloggers Checklist 2015 appeared first on Laplacef written by Keyur Amin.
  • Top 30 Must Read Internet Marketing Blogs

    Keyur Amin
    5 Jun 2014 | 9:44 am
    There are hundreds and thousands of blogs that emerge every other day and some are really popular since early days of internet. Some blogs are really famous and some aren’t. Today we will look in to the top internet marketing blogs. In this list, I have not taken in to account the veteran bloggers inclined […] The post Top 30 Must Read Internet Marketing Blogs appeared first on Laplacef written by Keyur Amin.
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    Nimbus Themes

  • 80+ Best Girly WordPress Themes for Lady Bloggers, and Female Oriented Businesses

    Evan Scoboria
    22 May 2015 | 6:14 am
    A girly website is just what some people need, and the best part is that “girly” doesn’t mean less effective or powerful. In fact, you could argue that girly-looking websites do... Read the full post at Nimbus Themes
  • How to Start a Fashion Blog

    Kendall Scoboria
    21 May 2015 | 12:44 am
    Way back in 2005, Scott Schuman’s street style blog, The Sartorialist, rocked the blogosphere and launched a slew of location-specific fashion blogs. Everyone wanted to start one, including us... Read the full post at Nimbus Themes
  • 100+ Best Corporate WordPress Themes for Established Businesses and Startups 2015

    Evan Scoboria
    20 May 2015 | 5:46 am
    Does your business exist to make money? Obviously you want to make money, but how are you going to go about doing that? From startups to established businesses, tech companies to agricultural firms,... Read the full post at Nimbus Themes
  • Google Apps Free – Get the Coupon

    Evan Scoboria
    19 May 2015 | 12:42 am
    Here at Nimbus Themes we use Google Apps for Work tools to drive just about all of our business administration processes. When we generate a quote for new client work it happens in a Google... Read the full post at Nimbus Themes
  • 90+ Fantastic eCommerce WordPress Themes For Your Online Retail Store 2015

    Ashley McCaskill
    18 May 2015 | 12:10 am
    We’ve researched the newest and greatest features being offered in eCommerce WordPress themes and have found an outstanding list of 11 beautiful, responsive themes filled with everything you... Read the full post at Nimbus Themes
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    Mualif Fahrizi | Share Your Knowledge

  • Mp3 Lagu Boyce Avenue Cover Collaborations, Vol. 2

    Mualif Fahrizi
    17 May 2015 | 2:53 am
    Agar lebuh mudah dan lebih cepat downloadnya, kalian bisa menggunakan IDM [Internet Download Manager] [DOWNLOAD] Boyce Avenue – Fix You [Feat. Tyler Ward] [DOWNLOAD] Boyce Avenue – Shimmer [Feat. Tyler Ward] [DOWNLOAD] Boyce Avenue – I Miss You [Feat. Cobus Potgieter] [DOWNLOAD] Boyce Avenue – A Thousand Miles [Feat. Alex Goot]  [DOWNLOAD] Boyce Avenue – […]
  • Kumpulan Mp3 Lagu Dugem DJ Monica WB [Best Of The Best] Sounds

    Mualif Fahrizi
    10 May 2015 | 2:17 am
    Agar lebih cepat dan lebih mudah, Downloadnya pakai IDM [Internet Download Menager]. [DOWNLOAD] DJ Monica WB – Dear LIfe – Dannic [Remix] [DOWNLOAD] DJ Monica WB – D.R – Love This Town [DOWNLOAD] DJ Monica WB – 2Unlimited ft. Steve Aoki – Get Ready to Go Down [Mushup] [DOWNLOAD] DJ Monica WB – Yves La Rock – Rise […]
  • Mp3 Lagu Boyce Avenue Cover Collaborations, Vol. 1

    Mualif Fahrizi
    29 Apr 2015 | 5:08 am
    Biar lebih cepat dan lebih mudah, Jangan lupa downloadnya pakai IDM [Internet Download Manager]. Boyce Avenue – [2010] Cover Collaborations, Vol. 1 [DOWNLOAD] Boyce Avenue – Fast Car [ft. Kina Grannis] [DOWNLOAD] Boyce Avenue – With Or Without You [ft. Kina Grannis] [DOWNLOAD] Boyce Avenue – Last Kiss [ft. Megan & Liz] [DOWNLOAD] Boyce Avenue […]
  • Mp3 Lagu India, Hindi, Bollywood Best Of The Best Part II

    Mualif Fahrizi
    31 Mar 2015 | 4:02 am
    Agar lebuh mudah dan lebih cepat dalam mendownload, kalian bisa menggunakan IDM [Internet Download Manager] [Download Here] [DOWNLOAD] Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja  [OST. Disco Dancer] [DOWNLOAD] I Am A Disco Dancer  [OST. Disco Dancer] [DOWNLOAD] Goron Ki Na Kalon Ki  [OST. Disco Dancer] [DOWNLOAD] Koi Yahan Nache  [OST. Disco Dancer]  [DOWNLOAD] Krishna Dharti Pe Aaja […]
  • Kumpulan Mp3 Lagu-lagu Gambus Marawis Zapin Best Of The Best

    Mualif Fahrizi
    17 Mar 2015 | 8:58 pm
    Pada kesempatan kali ini saya ingin share kepada kawan-kawan adalah kumpulan lagu-lagu beirama padang pasir atau yang sering kita sebut gambus marawis. Seperti biasa, jangan lupa siapin IDM [Internet Download Mananer] [DOWNLOAD HERE] [DOWNLOAD] Ami Seggaf – Ya Badil Jamal [DOWNLOAD] Ariep Cuit – Mafit Wujudi [DOWNLOAD] Ariep Cuit – Sabani [DOWNLOAD] Ariep Cuit – Yaa […]
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    The Official Cloudways Blog

  • Cloudways Partnership Program: A Win-Win Business Strategy for Digital Agencies

    Owais Khan
    22 May 2015 | 8:32 am
    The work culture at a creative digital and web agency is pretty relaxed. It seems every day is a casual Friday. You need such leniency because creative jobs are as tough as manual labor. You have to come up with unique ideas and innovative solutions. When these agencies work, they make magic. They are the […]
  • How to Install OpenCart 2.0 through SSH

    Ahsan Parwez
    21 May 2015 | 8:51 am
    OpenCart is considered to be one of the easiest CMS for building ecommerce websites. It is still widely used with a very strong community of contributors and users. It has many useful built-in features, such as multiple payment gateways, multi-store, multi-language support, modules, SEO friendly configuration, and much more. In short, OpenCart is able to […]
  • Interview with Adam Mills – A passionate WordPress Theme Developer

    Waseem Abbas
    20 May 2015 | 5:22 am
    A web designer and WordPress theme developer par excellence, Adam Mills is one of the most well-known web designers in the United States. He is the owner of ‘Bottomless Design’ – a web development agency known for its cutting edge designs and budget friendly solutions. He loves to keep himself updated with the latest WordPress […]
  • A good reason to launch DigitalOcean Servers, this May

    Saad Durrani
    19 May 2015 | 9:00 am
    The celebrations are continuing. And like always, we are not going to celebrate alone! This time around, we are bringing to you a gift you should not let go easily. After all, it is up to half the actual price. Surprised? Don’t be! Because we are offering our valued users UP TO 50% discount on […]
  • How to deploy Drupal Websites on Google Compute Engine

    Immad Uddin Khan
    19 May 2015 | 8:24 am
    Choosing the best cloud hosting provider for your website can be a cumbersome task, especially in an age where cloud resources have become commodities and innovation is the key to gaining the desired market share. Google—using the same infrastructure in place for Search, Gmail, and Youtube—came up with another strong proposition in the form of […]
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  • How to Backup and Restore WordPress – Step by Step

    Brian Duffy
    11 May 2015 | 8:18 am
    Performing a backup allows you to save your WordPress website and in the event of a problem, restoring it to a previously saved state. The process of backing up and restoring your website is extremely important as it safeguards you from the possibility of losing everything!! When backing up your WordPress site there are two separate things to consider: The Database – where all your content is stored The Files that make up your WordPress site In this tutorial, you will learn to how to make complete backup of your WordPress database and files. You will then learn how to restore your…
  • Build a learning management system (LMS) with WordPress

    Brian Duffy
    7 Apr 2015 | 7:58 am
    Are you interested in building a learning management system (LMS) that will allow you to sell training courses online? If the performance and appearance of your LMS is important to you – and you’d like it to integrate with popular third party marketing and payment systems, then WordPress has a number of key benefits over traditional learning management systems (like Moodle for example). This article will outline why I believe WordPress is the best option for any business planning on developing a learning management system to sell training online, and details how you…
  • Online Trading Vouchers: Everything You Need to Know

    Brian Duffy
    20 Mar 2015 | 4:05 am
    Online Trading Vouchers are grants of up to €2,500 designed to help Irish small businesses develop an e-commerce website and digital marketing strategy. If you’ve been in business for more than a year then they’re well worth checking out as you can recoup half the cost of designing your new website. In this article I will explain how to get your online trading voucher and put it to best use for growing your business online.     Online Trading Vouchers Explained The online trading vouchers are designed to encourage business owners to step beyond the idea of a basic…
  • The Best Small Business WordPress Theme …Ever!!

    Brian Duffy
    12 Mar 2015 | 4:54 am
    This post will introduce you to my new favourite small business WordPress theme – which was recently released by the guys over at Templatic. In this post, I’ll show you how the theme works, how to set it up and explain why it makes an such an excellent Small Business WordPress theme – especially for non-technical users planning to build their own website.   11SHARES   Introducing Smallbiz by Templatic A few years ago, Templatic brought out a theme called The Specialist – which I really loved because it had all the ingredients that I think are…
  • How to design and build a great WordPress website (audio)

    Brian Duffy
    28 Feb 2015 | 6:32 am
    What’s the best way to go about designing and building a great website for your business? How much should you expect to pay? How much can you save by doing the easy bits yourself? At what point to give up on the idea of getting a great website, and just settle for a regular one? Let me ask you something, did you ever come across a really nice website and think to yourself – damn, that’s a bloody nice website. Or better still, did you ever buy something online without giving it a seconds thought – and afterwards ask yourself – how the hell did that happen? Well…
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    Market Blog

  • A Week in Review N.39

    Paul Andrew
    23 May 2015 | 1:05 am
    Envato News SevenStyles is our first author to reach 100,000 unit sales on GraphicRiver. The winners of our third Wallpaper Contest have been announced. Tuts+ have pushed out some big changes to the Tuts+ Translation Project, making the process easier and quicker. Are you new to Envato's Most Wanted? You can learn all about it here. New Releases Redesigning the Support Tab. All Item Pages Are Now Responsive. New Envato Studio Express Services. Market Blog Building Your First Website? Here Are 10 Key Elements You Should Consider First. An Introduction to Google Webmaster Tools. 20 Useful…
  • (Re)design the International Flag of Planet Earth Contest

    22 May 2015 | 2:03 pm
    How would YOU, the Envato Market creative community design an International Flag of Planet Earth? What would it look like? We’re going to award an Envato T-shirt to the best entry, but be quick! We’re only going to run this contest for a week. Check out the details in our forums here: (Re)design the International Flag of Planet Earth The post (Re)design the International Flag of Planet Earth Contest appeared first on Market Blog.
  • Themes & Plugins for Customizing the WordPress Admin

    21 May 2015 | 4:56 pm
    WordPress has become the most used Content Management System around. The WordPress community supplies us with thousands of themes and plugins, enriching the experience for both website owners and users. Themes for WordPress are a huge business. But all of those themes are for the front-end, what about the backend? When WordPress 3.8 was released it did take a step closer to allowing users to customize the admin interface, but hasn’t quite given us complete freedom as yet. So, in this post we take a deeper look at some of the best WordPress admin themes currently available. These themes…
  • Building Your First Website? Here Are 10 Key Elements You Should Consider First

    Daniel Katz
    21 May 2015 | 5:16 am
    What makes a great website? Forget Hamlet and all that “to be or not to be” nonsense – how to build a great website is the real question that many web designers, developers, bloggers, and website owners have struggled with. There is no magical recipe or a one-size-fits-all solution, as the definition of a “great website” can depend on various factors, like your skills, budget, and niche. However, there are a few general guidelines and practices that you should consider on your quest to build a great website. I’ve presented them here in the form of…
  • Everything You Need to Know About Envato’s Most Wanted

    Eric Schwartz
    20 May 2015 | 11:28 am
    Envato’s Most Wanted is an ongoing series of events and competitions we run on Envato Market, where we give authors the opportunity to win extra cash and prizes for creating awesome digital content that is in high demand on the marketplace. So far we’ve held close to 100 Most Wanted events, and this year alone our community of talented authors have shared in over $1.5 million in total prizes and earnings from the items they created, with more in the making every day! How does it work? When we launch a new event, we’ll post a Most Wanted announcement on Market Blog and in the community…
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  • Best Of WordPress Foodie Themes

    Karan Chopra
    21 May 2015 | 6:32 pm
    Are you a food blogger? Or Are you running a big time foodie? Or Are you running out a restaurant? And so on. If any of option make sounds perfect to you, then you...
  • Best Of WordPress Themes For Non-Profits

    Karan Chopra
    19 May 2015 | 6:31 pm
    With the changing times, it goes same to all the organizations in any sector they named up to the building of web presence. While one can certainly look onto number of ways by which...
  • Best Of WordPress Wedding Themes

    Karan Chopra
    18 May 2015 | 6:32 pm
    With the ways things trending to new heights, about-to-get married couples too are finding their ways on to have their web presence. If we talk about this a decade ago, this definitely sounds like...
  • Best Of WordPress Restaurant Themes

    Karan Chopra
    17 May 2015 | 6:31 pm
    McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Dominos, KFC – all big names already got their names over the web but what about others. Well just like these biggies, small or medium restaurants too working towards their web...
  • Best Of WordPress Retail Themes

    Karan Chopra
    14 May 2015 | 6:32 pm
    With the way retail industry taken huge plunge in recent times, more and more new businesses are making their way over the same. The result of this, now businesses are working out on ways...
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    WP Seer

  • Lifter LMS Review

    20 May 2015 | 3:05 am
    LifterLMS is a WordPress plugin that helps you build and sell your own online courses. LifterLMS is not just your run-of-the-mill WordPress online course plugin, it is a complete system; a learning management system for WordPress. LifterLMS is advertised as a fully-functional and easy to use solution for building and selling your own courses on […] The post Lifter LMS Review appeared first on WP Seer.
  • 15Zine WordPress Theme Review

    10 May 2015 | 11:51 pm
    15Zine WordPress Theme Review, 15Zine is a premium WordPress magazine theme by Cubell. Cubell Themes is the company behind one of the best WordPress magazine themes ever released. On the surface 15Zine looks like an awesome WordPress Newspaper theme, it comes with an integrated review system which makes it perfect if you are looking for a WordPress […] The post 15Zine WordPress Theme Review appeared first on WP Seer.
  • Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin Review

    28 Mar 2015 | 4:05 pm
    Every product has a market, and every market has a need. Heroic knowledge base plugin is a solution to a problem many developers face – a good knowledge base plugin for WordPress. When you buy a digital product, you expect the developers to have a knowledge base. The knowledge base usually contains answers to minor […] The post Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin Review appeared first on WP Seer.
  • Impreza WordPress Theme Review

    5 Feb 2015 | 1:27 am
    The Impreza theme for WordPress is one of the highly rated as well as highly sold themes on ThemeForest, Envato’s theme marketplace. This is perhaps because it is quite functional and visually appealing theme. To be more specific, it is a game changer for most businesses who have been looking forward to a way of creating […] The post Impreza WordPress Theme Review appeared first on WP Seer.
  • Why WordPress at A2 Hosting Is So Fast – Brad Litwin

    6 Dec 2014 | 2:33 am
    We recently caught up with Brad Litwin who is the marketing manager for A2 Hosting, and he was happy to answer some of our questions. Brad shares some of his knowledge on major WordPress hosting issues, how they have thrived in the last 10 years now, why A2 wordPress hosting is the cheapest in the market and he […] The post Why WordPress at A2 Hosting Is So Fast – Brad Litwin appeared first on WP Seer.
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    WP Doze

  • Best Free WordPress Themes 2015

    5 May 2015 | 8:15 am
    Although using a premium WordPress theme comes with quite a few perks not everybody has the budget to invest in one. A free WordPress theme is a good way to test some designer’s skills or functionality or at least to get an idea of what could work for your business. To help you narrow the search here are 2015’s Best Free WordPress Themes. Business  Enlightenment This multipurpose theme is perfect to showcase any type of content, on all types of devices. By choosing this WP theme you can enjoy: standard WordPress functionality a responsive layout large set of features for advanced…
  • Best Travel Agency WordPress Theme

    25 Feb 2015 | 11:47 pm
    One out of eight jobs in the U.S. depends on travel and tourism. Travelling has many health benefits and can actually make you smarter and more creative. If you want to help people find their dream destinations why not start a travel website with one of these amazing Travel Agency WordPress Themes? Love Travel – Creative Travel Agency WordPress Theme Retina ready and amazing book filter travels make this theme the perfect choice for a travel agency website. It has a clean design and clear display for the important sections that could present interest for your visitors.  …
  • Infographic – WordPress Downloads Status

    13 Feb 2015 | 5:50 am
    Check this nice infographic made by the codeinwp.com with the WordPress stats for last year to see how big WordPress really  is. Source: codeinwp.com   The post Infographic – WordPress Downloads Status appeared first on WP Doze.
  • BlueHost Special Valentine’s Price Discount

    11 Feb 2015 | 12:00 am
    In case you don’t know Bluehost is having a special 42% discount from February 12 to February 16 for hosting reducing the prices from 5.99 to $3.49.  Bluehost is well known hosting company with very good services. I have used it before moving to DigitalOcean VPS and it didn’t let me down. In case you are wondering why I have moved to DigitalOcean if Bluehost are so good the answer is simple :). I am linux geek and I like to play arround with different functionalities like NGINX and MYSQL which I use to host my sites. Bluehost didn’t offered me this option in the…
  • Best WordPress Wedding Themes 2015

    13 Jan 2015 | 12:40 pm
    If you want to tie the knot this year and still break out from the crowd,WordPress provides some amazing possibilities to bring shine on your event.  Connect with your friends and family and overall write a beautiful story around this important occasion with the help of the Best WordPress Wedding Themes 2015. Wedding Suite – WordPress Wedding Theme One-click install, elegant and easy to use should really sell this theme but there are more features to come: RSVP Form, Countdown and Guestbook. Wedding Suite includes four different templates with quite unique design. It is a fully…
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    Fine WP Review

  • WordX Blog WordPress Theme : MyThemeShop Review

    19 May 2015 | 4:35 am
    WordX Blog WordPress Theme : MyThemeShop Review WordX Review MyThemeShop : Best WordPress theme which has been crafted to work smoothly for multiple website needs like online magazines, news and blog types websites. The WordX WordPress Theme has been coded smartly so as to support HD images so that you can attract visitors by posting relevant images into articles. The only goal of MyThemeShop developers is to put you on the top in your blogging niche so that you are always ahead in your niche competition. Demo preview shows the real beauty of this premium blogging theme that includes highly…
  • WeddingEngine Review : Wedding WordPress Theme

    9 May 2015 | 3:25 am
    WeddingEngine Review : Wedding WordPress Theme WeddingEngine EngineThemes Sneak Peek Review : A minimal WordPress wedding theme by Engine Themes for the groom who wants to impress his girl with elegant marriage website. If you are a lovely couple who is getting married soon then you must wan to try out WeddingEngine WordPress Theme which makes it easier to create professional wedding website to display photo gallery, wedding details, invitation, venue details and more. Searching for a best wedding template you will surely get couple of free templates or low priced templates but they often…
  • Chickaboom Blog WordPress Theme : Angie Makes Review

    3 Apr 2015 | 3:53 am
    Chickaboom Blog WordPress Theme : Angie Makes Review Chickaboom Review Angie Makes : A Feminine WordPress Blogging Theme made for Woman and all types of bloggeres with minimalistic look. The modern blog template by AngieMakes provides you all best customization features that you are waiting for. The Chickaboom WordPress Theme has become primary choice for mom bloggers and as it provides all customization options with great flexibility. During website setup you will never have to edit any code so we can say it is made for non coder bloggers who have never done coding before. If you have a…
  • BlogoJoy WordPress Blog Theme : TeslaThemes REVIEW

    2 Apr 2015 | 4:02 am
    BlogoJoy WordPress Blog Theme : TeslaThemes REVIEW BlogoJoy Review TeslaThemes : Minimal blogging theme for WordPress users who are sharing content through texts or multimedia elements. Whether you are planning to start a personal blog platform or a brand / niche related content platform, you will surely need a reliable blog template. BlogoJoy WordPress Theme is the only solution supported by easy to publish user friendly blog system. The theme comes with clean and elegant design content first layout. Read : Hotelia Theme Review – TeslaThemes Whether you are a video blogger or mixed…
  • WooCart Review – MyThemeShop eCommerce Theme

    25 Mar 2015 | 4:36 am
    WooCart Review – MyThemeShop eCommerce Theme WooCart Review MyThemeShop : Introducing Latest Premium eCommerce WordPress Theme that will help you build your online store within few moments. The fantastic eCommerce template will make it easier selling cloths, mobiles, digital ebooks or anything goods online from your website. WooCart WordPress Theme brings collection of special features for product sellers to make them sell more goods. In-short getting this theme installed on your website will give you a fully function modern eCommerce website without writing single code line. Read :…
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  • How Start a Successful WordPress Blog: 11 Lessons I Have Learned

    23 May 2015 | 3:15 pm
    I recently got asked by one of our readers what advice would I give to someone starting out and wanting to run a successful blog? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer or shortcut simple answer just hard work and a point in the right direction.... The post How Start a Successful WordPress Blog: 11 Lessons I Have Learned appeared first on 85ideas.com.
  • 25+ Best Free HTML5/CSS3 Templates

    Editorial Staff
    22 May 2015 | 2:24 pm
    Using HTML5 and CSS3 for web designing has become quite popular nowadays, there are umpteen templates available in the market that use this technology. These templates are used by website designers to create animation on the web and stunning websites. These templates are no less... The post 25+ Best Free HTML5/CSS3 Templates appeared first on 85ideas.com.
  • 30 Free Weather Forecast Icon Sets You can use right away

    Pawan Kumar
    21 May 2015 | 4:10 am
    Finding a perfect icon to showcase a piece of information is tricky and can take hours. Weather information needs to be displayed on a lot of websites, and it is must if you are running a weather-related website or an application for smartphones and tablets.... The post 30 Free Weather Forecast Icon Sets You can use right away appeared first on 85ideas.com.
  • Instagram Picture Dimensions: What is the size in pixels?

    Pawan Kumar
    20 May 2015 | 8:05 am
    There are two ways of sharing pictures on Instagram. One is using its own application that is developed and available for Android, Windows and iOS running smartphones. While, the other method is that you snap a picture using any of the camera devices at your... The post Instagram Picture Dimensions: What is the size in pixels? appeared first on 85ideas.com.
  • How to change WordPress Font Size?

    Pawan Kumar
    20 May 2015 | 2:15 am
    Just to give a head start, the process involved to change WordPress font size, is very simple. But, there are few different methods available from which you need to choose the one of your favorite. If you just asked that which one is better, then... The post How to change WordPress Font Size? appeared first on 85ideas.com.
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  • Why All New Bloggers Should Use WordPress

    Matt Clark
    22 May 2015 | 1:07 pm
    New bloggers who want or need their own website sometimes fall into the trap of using the wrong software. I noted on my recent website builder article that most “newbies” have no idea what they should be using to build their websites with. Some end up using other blogging software such as Joomla. Others fare far worse and end up using a website builder which isn’t nearly as SEO friendly or customizable as WordPress. For this reason I decided to type up this article and compile a few key points as to why you should be using WordPress to build your website, especially if you…
  • How To Make Your URL’s SEO Friendly In WordPress

    Matt Clark
    20 May 2015 | 4:48 am
    By default the WordPress URL structure is a mess, to put it nicely. It is not SEO friendly and is sloppy so not very professional looking. And this is why I decided to type up this short tutorial, to show you how easy it is to make your URL’s in WordPress professional looking and Search Engine friendly. Recommended Reading: 17 Things All New Bloggers Should Know About Blogging Why is SEO With Your URL’s So Important? In short, if you have SEO friendly URL’s you better the odds that your articles might appear higher in Google and the other search engines. While URL’s…
  • Guest Blogging The Right Way in 2015 and Beyond

    Matt Clark
    19 May 2015 | 6:21 am
    Guest blogging is dead! Or so we are sometimes told. It all started early last year when the guy who heads the anti-spam team at Google – Matt Cutts, declared that Guest Blogging has gotten to be a more and more spammy practice. A long, long time ago, Guest Blogging was a legitimate and mostly non-spammy way for new web owners to outreach, meet new people and build links to their new blog. Sadly, like almost all good things in the world of SEO, people have found ways to abuse it. Backlinks you see, remain an ever important aspect in determining where you rank on Google (and the other…
  • Why You Should Not Use a Website Builder

    Matt Clark
    17 May 2015 | 6:49 am
    It pains me to see these advertisements on TV for website builder services. It’s painful because I know these “website builders” are actually pretty lousy services that are either not friendly when it comes to SEO and/or are outrageously expensive. Yet these services are ridiculously popular, even having enough marketing money to show TV ad after TV ad and I always wonder why? I know the answer to my own question of course. It’s simple, newbies who want to own their very own website are not knowledgeable about what service they should use. They hear the words…
  • Dangers of Plagiarism for Bloggers: How to Prevent It and What Tools to Use

    Matt Clark
    16 May 2015 | 5:01 am
    If you are a blogger then you are going to have to worry about lots of things related to your blog. These range from security concerns, making money from your blog and (probably most importantly) making sure your blog is never hit with a Google Algorithm penalty. There are so many ways to get hit by Google and thus cripple your search engines ranking, one way to get hit by a Google penalty is to have plagiarized articles on your blog. Content that is copied and pasted from other blogs onto lesser blogs (especially the spam blogs) is widespread on the internet. There are a number of reasons…
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  • 15 Best Feminine WordPress Themes 2015

    Dhiraj Das
    22 May 2015 | 7:25 am
    A collection of the best feminine WordPress themes which are specially designed for women bloggers and female oriented websites. The number of women blogger has increased over the last few years and majority of them are taking this as a full time profession. There are number of niche business related websites as well which are specially created […]The post 15 Best Feminine WordPress Themes 2015 appeared first on sourcewp.
  • 12 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for 2015

    Dhiraj Das
    21 May 2015 | 4:20 am
    A list of best WordPress SEO plugins in 2015 which you can use on your blog to get better exposure and increase search engine traffic. We have already written about the must have WordPress plugins and mentioned a few SEO plugins in the list. In this post we will discuss only about the best SEO […]The post 12 Best WordPress SEO Plugins for 2015 appeared first on sourcewp.
  • 20+ Best Medical WordPress Themes 2015

    Dhiraj Das
    21 May 2015 | 3:31 am
    A collection of best medial WordPress themes for health and medial related business, if you run a medial, clinic or any other health related business, these themes will be very useful for you. Health and medical industry is one of the most important and big industry. People need medical support when they are in a […]The post 20+ Best Medical WordPress Themes 2015 appeared first on sourcewp.
  • 15 Best WordPress Pricing Table Plugins 2015

    Dhiraj Das
    21 May 2015 | 12:12 am
    WordPress pricing table plugins are really useful these days because the number of business sites are increasing on WordPress platform and if you sell any product or provide any service through your WordPress site then pricing table plugins becomes really handy. Though number of premium WordPress themes comes with their own pricing table as a […]The post 15 Best WordPress Pricing Table Plugins 2015 appeared first on sourcewp.
  • Top 5 Places to Buy High Quality WordPress Themes 2015

    Dhiraj Das
    20 May 2015 | 3:13 am
    Are you looking to buy high quality premium WordPress theme and and confused about where to buy? In this post we will discuss about a few places where you can get amazing WordPress themes with high quality design and great support. Now, the first question is why should you go for a premium theme when […]The post Top 5 Places to Buy High Quality WordPress Themes 2015 appeared first on sourcewp.
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  • How to budget for a custom website

    Dalton Rooney
    1 May 2015 | 3:20 pm
    We get this question a lot, so I’d like to take some time to demystify the process of determining a budget for your new website. If you’re getting in touch with us about building a new website for…
  • Should you hire a freelancer, studio, or agency for your next web design project?

    Dalton Rooney
    19 Jan 2015 | 10:41 am
    If you’re thinking about launching a new website, you probably have a lot of questions, especially if you’re new to the process. Perhaps you’ve heard a few horror stories, or had a bad experience yourself, and know…
  • A quick introduction to custom post types and custom taxonomies in WordPress

    Dalton Rooney
    26 Dec 2014 | 4:47 pm
    In our previous article about why WordPress might be a good fit for your next website, we wrote that WordPress is “fully-featured enough to run complex, high-traffic websites.” How does a piece of software that…
  • Web design for nonprofit organizations

    Dalton Rooney
    21 Dec 2014 | 11:59 am
    Designing websites for non-profit organizations is an important part of the work we do here at Raygun. Stacey and I have both worked for non-profits—in fact we met at one—and we’ve built dozens of websites for non-profits,…
  • A brief introduction to responsive design

    Dalton Rooney
    20 Dec 2014 | 12:03 pm
    If you take a look through our portfolio, you’ll see a lot of example screenshots that look like this: ISDSI website device mockup. The reason we often begin our case studies with a device mockup like this is…
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  • Top 10 Effective Ways to Promote Your Content

    Feng Liu
    10 May 2015 | 1:44 pm
    When it comes to the content marketing, it is consisted of two parts. The first part, most people get it, that is creating a killer marketing content. However, the second part, most internet marketers tend to forget, that is content promotion. Most great content marketing strategists can be so successful and get thousands of readers, […] The post Top 10 Effective Ways to Promote Your Content appeared first on Siteber.
  • How to Start a Business Online

    Feng Liu
    29 Apr 2015 | 4:11 am
    Nowadays, almost anyone who has access to internet can start a business online. Very often, starting a business online has a much lower risk. However, almost 95% of those people failed. Just like starting a business offline, the same concept applies to start a business online. You need strategic plans in order to succeed online. […] The post How to Start a Business Online appeared first on Siteber.
  • Why Websites Are Disappearing From Google

    Jessie Liu
    23 Apr 2015 | 10:56 am
    Have you heard? If your website is not mobile friendly, Google will start to penalize your website by not showing it on its search results. It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of websites will soon disappear from Google’s mobile searches, especially small businesses. The new algorithm is nicknamed “Mobilegeddon.”. Google has been preaching the […] The post Why Websites Are Disappearing From Google appeared first on Siteber.
  • 16 Twitter Tactics to Increase Your Engagement

    Feng Liu
    22 Apr 2015 | 4:06 pm
    Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. Believe it or not, I used to think Twitter is a big wasting time for marketers, because everything on Twitter is moving ultra fast. You are just one of the millions fishes in the ocean; no one is going to notice your tweets. Now, I […] The post 16 Twitter Tactics to Increase Your Engagement appeared first on Siteber.
  • 6 Social Media Tips for Small Business to Stand Out

    Jessie Liu
    19 Apr 2015 | 7:24 am
    Be personal and authentic In order to stand out among millions of tweets and updates every day, you have to do things differently. People or businesses that are successful with social media use it as a platform to build unique, personal relationships with their customers. Make sure to reach out to your potential customers, answer […] The post 6 Social Media Tips for Small Business to Stand Out appeared first on Siteber.
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    Web Techno Crazy

  • Steps To Create Custom Page Template In WordPress

    17 May 2015 | 5:35 am
    Sometimes you want a totally different looks for your WordPress website. Here comes the role of custom page templates. If you have a separate design layout, you can use that with the help of custom page template. Now let's see the steps to create it.Read more »
  • Rename Category and its Slug In WordPress

    22 Apr 2015 | 10:51 am
    To maintain a website structure WordPress provides categories and tags to properly manage your website content. Several time you may find a need to rename the category . So here I would like to tell you how to rename category and its slug in WordPress.Read more »
  • Insert Ads Inside Your WordPress Post Content Automatically

    9 Apr 2015 | 8:32 am
    However, you can insert Ads in the sidebar easily but in posts you have to do it manually and it takes much work. Here I would like to explain the ways to insert ads inside WordPress Post automatically.Read more »
  • How To Setup WordPress Multisite On Hostgator

    18 Mar 2015 | 11:44 pm
    In the latest version of WordPress you can create a network of websites with the help of multisite functionality. It can be done by single installation.Read more »
  • Moving Sidebar Right Or Left In WordPress Theme

    3 Mar 2015 | 10:45 pm
    There are two places to keep the sidebar either right or left. In WordPress themes, the places are already decided, for example in Twenty Twelve theme the sidebar is on right but in twenty fifteen it is on left. If you want to move its position, you have to make changes in CSS.Read more »
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  • 12+ Best Simple WordPress Themes of 2015

    19 May 2015 | 6:00 pm
    Collection of BEST simple wordpress themes of 2015 with all trendy and modern features needed for creating PRO website! TOP clean & minimal designs. BeWebmaster – Universal Simple WordPress Theme Betheme is very universal wordpress theme full of amazing features. It comes with tons of pre-designed type of websites, such as, landing page, webmaster, fitness, designer, band, company, photographer, seo agency, lawyer, magazine, shop, plumber, developer and much more. It’s one of the best selling wordpress themes in 2014 on themeforest.net. Divi – Simple WordPress Theme Divi…
  • 20+ The Most Creative WordPress Themes of 2015

    13 May 2015 | 5:23 pm
    Professional collection of the most creative wordpress themes of 2015. Best for designers, portfolio showcase, agencies and other creative businesses. Candy – Creative Unique WordPress Theme Candy is creative unique wordpress theme with multipurpose usability. You can create different types of websites, such as, blog, corporate, agency, portfolio, one or multi page etc. It very easy to customize and you will feel very comfortable while developing it. There is 24/7 support for you in case you get stacked.  In package you get extra premium features, such as, revolution slider ($18) and…
  • Creative Portfolio WordPress Themes 2015

    12 May 2015 | 5:10 pm
    Professional collection of the BEST portfolio wordpress themes for creatives, such as, artists, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, creative agencies etc. You might be also interested in CV Resume WordPress Themes Collection. SEVEN – Agency Portfolio WordPress Theme Seven is one of the newest portfolio wordpress themes of 2015 with amazing layouts and designs for creative agencies or freelancers. Seven is the best solution for illustrators, photographers, graphic designer or other creative people who would like to showcase their portfolio in a stunning way! It’s very…
  • Best Construction WordPress Themes

    12 May 2015 | 4:26 am
    Professional collection of best construction wordpress themes for companies, small businesses, builders, architects, solicitors, electricians, plumbers etc. Contractor – Construction Company  WordPress Theme Contractor is professional construction wordpress theme for building company or individual solicitors, contractors, architects etc. Fully responsive template comes with couple of premium plugins included and that will save you some time and money! Visual composer, woocommerce, revolutions slider, advanced custom field PRO will make your life much easier and save $70.5 in your…
  • Creative Web Designs for Inspiration | Best of 2015

    10 May 2015 | 5:42 pm
    Unique collection of the BEST Creative Web Designs for inspiration. All modern trends of web design 2015 are included in showcase. Enjoy and BE INSPIRED!  If you’re after motivation and inspiration for website you’re about to create, you’ve got to the right place! Every designers has experience with lack of inspiration for project! Sometimes it just happens. It might different client in unknown sector, business (logo) colors or just need for creating something different what will stand out from the crowd. This collection contains top designs with modern 2015 trends, such…
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    Free Premium WordPress Themes - WP Themes Daddy

  • Best Barbers Hair Salon WordPress Themes 2015

    M.Hasham Ahmed
    23 May 2015 | 2:00 pm
    Hairdo - Hair Salon & Barber ThemeVersion 1.4 Out Now Change Log DetailsHairdo is a super flexible WordPress theme designed for Hair Salons, Beauty Parlours and Barber Shops.This multi-page multi-purpose WordPress template is perfect for hair dressers, hair salons, barber shops, beauty shops and even tattoo websites. Hairdo for WordPress is minimal, modular and amazinglyDownload - PreviewHairPress - WordPress Theme for Hair SalonsHairPress is a premium Wordpress Theme for hair salons, beauty salons, wellness centers or any similar local business website. It is very easy to setup and…
  • Barbers Hair Salons Wordpress Theme

    M.Hasham Ahmed
    23 May 2015 | 1:52 pm
    Barbers Hair Salons Wordpress ThemeBarbers Hair Salons Wordpress Theme is a premium WordPress Theme for any kind of barber and hair dresser businesses and companies. It is our most advanced and sophisticated theme that we built so far. It is easy to setup and use, with one click demo content import.Download - PreviewIt is a website for Barbers & Hairdressers with everything such a business needs. Prices, style galleries, beautiful Slideshow, coupons and much more. The template is available with our one click demo importer. This means that you will set your Site in less then 5 minutes. Get…
  • Best WordPress Coupon Themes 2015

    M.Hasham Ahmed
    23 May 2015 | 1:39 pm
    Comre - Coupon Codes & Affiliates Wordpress ThemeComre is a Wordpress theme to create a website for coupons and promotion codes. Comre comes with a shop to offer premium copouns to buy online. The shop is built with Woocommerce the popular and flexible plugin in eCommerce. Comre is a clean responsive wordpress theme comes with two homepageDownload - PreviewCouponXL - Coupons, Deals & Discounts WP ThemeCouponXL Coupons, Deals & Discounts WP ThemeCouponXL is the most complete deals, discounts and coupons wordpress theme. It is specialized for selling deals, discounts and coupons…
  • Best Under Construction WordPress Themes 2015

    M.Hasham Ahmed
    23 May 2015 | 1:19 pm
    EOS - A Responsive App Landing ThemeEOS Wordpress An app landing page which comes with many accent color schemes and light , dark version . EOS has 4 layout styles , features representations with simple line and font awesome icons , parallax sections , pricing tables , testimonials , images Slider , newsletter and ajaxDownload - PreviewxLander - Startup Landing Page Bootstrap WP ThemexLander | Bootstrap Responsive Landing WordPress Theme its an advanced, unique and powerful premium WordPress theme suited for personal onepage/singlepage websites/blogs, business websites, users who want…
  • 55+ Best MultiPurpose Magazine WordPress Themes 2015

    M.Hasham Ahmed
    23 May 2015 | 1:52 am
    The Voux - A Comprehensive Magazine ThemeUpdate 1.1.0 15.05.2015- Added a new author grid VC element, see it in action: http://thevoux.fuelthemes.net/our-authors/ - Added author information to article pages, see it in action: http://thevoux.fuelthemes.net/waffle-day-how-to-make-red-velvet-waffles/ - Added full page option to article pages that removes the sidebar - Added advertisement options for post ends (AJAX and Normal)Download - PreviewPress - Elegant Responsive WordPress Blog ThemePress is an awesome mobile friendly WordPress blog theme which brings simple, clean and elegant design.
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    eLuminous Technologies

  • Myth: Outsourcing development projects to PHP Development Company means lesser ROI.

    Shweta Joshi
    11 May 2015 | 6:12 am
    There’s this stereotypical assumption among the people in American and European countries nowadays, that if you outsource any typical development task to a PHP development company, you probably are missing out a better return on your investments. Can’t deny the fact that there are some outsourcing companies who are proving this right, but there are number of companies who only work with an intention to deliver a better ROI (return on investment) to their overseas clients and partners. There are so many people around the world who are in a completely different line of business, but they…
  • Magento Web Development: An asset to the eCommerce industry.

    Shweta Joshi
    6 May 2015 | 5:38 am
    You all know how the e-commerce industry is taking a great hike nowadays. But I am sure you are not aware of the contribution that Magento Web Development have made to this growing industry. It’s like when you talk about e-commerce, you will be recommended to go with Magento. Magento makes it easier for individuals and developers to configure an e-commerce website and customize it as per the choice. You can add as many products, remove them as per the stock situations without getting a downtime for the website. This is the real beauty of Magento e-commerce, it scales up and down as per your…
  • Alert! Delays in developing your mobile responsive website can kill your online business soon.

    Shweta Joshi
    16 Apr 2015 | 5:57 am
    You all know how mobile devices are replacing the desktops & laptops nowadays. A survey says that almost 73% of people prefer to use mobile devices to check websites and related information rather than browsing it on laptops and desktops. So what if your site isn’t updated to a Responsive web design? There are fair chances that a) your customers will end up having troubles to read and understand the content or the services b) They will switch to your competitors website who has a Mobile responsive websites and c) They will save your website URL to a reminder box which may get…
  • It’s time to look for Mobile app development company to develop an app and remain on your customer’s favorite’s list.

    Shweta Joshi
    10 Apr 2015 | 6:05 am
    The title itself might give you the hint about the context of this blog. But do you really know why do you need to start searching for a Mobile App development company immediately? Well, the reason is, your customers love smartphones and it is almost consuming 40% of their 24 hours. So how about being found on the toy that they love playing with? This post will make you realize why you should start thinking of developing a mobile app for your business. If you are thinking that you are happy with your business so far, you probably aren’t forecasting your business development for next 10…
  • Ideality of a proficient PHP Development Company.

    Shweta Joshi
    31 Mar 2015 | 5:40 am
    When it comes to outsourcing projects to a PHP Development Company, many people think of those factors that make these companies proficient. What kind of services do they offer and which factors make them stand out of the crowd. Are these factors you should be knowing but you are not? There aren’t the exact factors of find a perfect company, but there are some of the best things you should know that will help you to select the best for outsourcing your projects. I’ve just dissected the primary ideality of a proficient PHP Development Company. Here are those: Has a vibrant goal: You might…
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  • How to Start your Domain And Webhosting Company

    Heavendeep Singh
    11 May 2015 | 8:43 am
    Step by step guide to Set up your Reseller Hosting  business: By: Harsh Agrawal I will add video below, which will help you to understand how to use your domain name for white label branding, and rest images will help you to understand the procedure. They have landing page for every country, so you don’t […] The post How to Start your Domain And Webhosting Company appeared first on GrowthVIBE.
  • 12 Things to Do Before Applying for Google AdSense

    Heavendeep Singh
    3 May 2015 | 1:01 am
    12 Things to Do Before Applying for Google AdSense 1. Privacy Policy : One of the common mistakes that every bloggers and I made many times before getting approved. Even though there are people out there who say that having a privacy policy for a Blog doesn’t makes sense but they are wrong! The first thing you […] The post 12 Things to Do Before Applying for Google AdSense appeared first on GrowthVIBE.
  • How to automatically clear browser cache in Chrome

    Heavendeep Singh
    27 Apr 2015 | 3:15 am
    If you are a Chrome user, all your browsing data like browsing history, download history, cookies, form data and passwords are stored in your computer until they are cleared manually. You can manually clear the browsing data in two different ways 1. Click on the chrome menu and select Tools → Clear browsing data or […] The post How to automatically clear browser cache in Chrome appeared first on GrowthVIBE.
  • How To Spot That Social Media Maverick?

    Heavendeep Singh
    20 Apr 2015 | 1:10 pm
    By: Tanya Varma Have you noticed someone who is constantly thinking about what to post next? Have you noticed someone who has that magical glint in their eyes when you discuss a social media campaign, well Hello, hello? There’s your next star! So, what all do you really need when you look for a Social […] The post How To Spot That Social Media Maverick? appeared first on GrowthVIBE.
  • Best Time to post on Social Media

    Heavendeep Singh
    20 Apr 2015 | 12:01 pm
    Have you ever wondered when you should be sharing your content on the social web? Your visitors and followers prefer using social media sites during specific hours. So if you start sharing your content when your users are on these social sites, you’ll not only gain more shares, but you’ll also notice an increase in […] The post Best Time to post on Social Media appeared first on GrowthVIBE.
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    SecureMoz Security Plugin

  • Has your WordPress site been hacked recently? We want to hear about it

    13 May 2015 | 5:48 am
    WordPress Hacked Recently Thousands of WordPress sites get hacked every day. If your WordPress site has not been hacked yet, it’s because you don’t have content worth hacking. We’ve been helping individuals as well as hosting providers with hacker clean up. What you should do should you find your site is hacked. THE LIST First, backup your site. Even though the site is hacked, you want to have a backup should you have to undo any of the clean up steps, and have a fresh start at cleaning up. If your site is based on WordPress, Joomla, Drupla, or any other database-driven method,…
  • WordPress Vulnerability Puts Millions of Websites At Risk

    13 May 2015 | 1:23 am
    Millions of WordPress websites are at risks of being completely hijacked by the hackers due to a critical cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability present in the default installation of the widely used content management system. The cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability, uncovered by the security researcher reported by Robert Abela of Security firm Netsparker. WordPress vulnerability WordPress Security Plugin The post WordPress Vulnerability Puts Millions of Websites At Risk appeared first on SecureMoz Security Plugin. SecureMoz WordPress Security Plugin
  • Use WordPress Secure Hosting

    12 May 2015 | 6:42 am
    Secure hosting Secure web hosting is used to make your site more secure. By using SSL certificate, you actually create a tunnel for communications between server and client. All your communication data are encrypted. So it’s become impossible for anybody to hack the data. Securemoz also offers secure web hosting you can use SSL to create free Class 1 certificate for your web site and use it with Your Host. The method of enabling secure hosting is very simple. Not all web hosting providers are created equal and, in fact, hosting vulnerabilities account for a huge percentage of WordPress…
  • Beginner’s Guide for WordPress

    10 May 2015 | 6:36 am
    These resources have now been organized and consolidated for easy reference to help you get the most out of the world’s most popular publishing platform. We hope that you’ll find these resources helpful and valuable. WordPress How do you start with WordPress? How so you master it properly and become an experienced user? Where do you find professional WordPress tutorials that will answer all your questions? This post will come in handy for all of you who have asked any of the above questions. A compilation of WordPress tutorials is a useful set for beginners who want to master this CMS,…
  • SecureMoz Clickbank Affiliates

    10 May 2015 | 2:58 am
    Become a SecureMoz Affiliate If you’re interested in promoting any of my products, the following resources can be used to help advertise to your audience effectively. My products are offered exclusively through the ClickBank Marketplace. Before you can begin promoting my products, you’ll need to create a free account with ClickBank. Once your account is set up, come back to this page and generate a hoplink, which is the personalized link you will use to track any visitors you have sent to my product. If any of those visitors decide to buy my product within a couple weeks, you will…
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  • 3 iOS Apps for Editing Video with an iPhone

    Cindy Burgess
    19 May 2015 | 5:00 am
    It has often been said that the best camera is the one you have with you. For many of us, an iPhone is that camera. When you’re out and you capture something newsworthy or of interest to your followers you may want to share it out straight away on social media. If it is happening now and the video has the possibility of going viral you need to get it out fast. It can’t wait till…Read more ›
  • A Guide to Creating and Managing Pinterest Group Boards

    Ruth Maude
    11 May 2015 | 5:01 am
    In our last Pinterest post we talked about Pinterest Collaborative Board Etiquette – 5 dos and 5 don’ts for pinning to collaborative boards as a board member. Now we will talk about how to setup your own Group board and give you 5 tips for managing the board. Group boards have the potential to be a great resources for their topic.  But Collaborative Boards that aren’t well managed can become a pinning free-for-all full of duplicate pins…Read more ›
  • The new way to display Facebook in a WordPress Widget

    Ruth Maude
    7 May 2015 | 6:00 am
    Say Goodbye to The Facebook Like box As of June 23rd, 2015 the Facebook Like Box, Activity Feed and Facepile (that displays faces of your fans) will be deprecated [source]. This means that your WordPress sidebar widget will disappear. Facebook is migrating all apps to v2.0 of the Graph API with the goal of giving people more control over the information they share with apps. WordPress Plugin developers will likely scramble to update but you don’t need…Read more ›
  • A Guide to Pinterest Group Board Etiquette

    Ruth Maude
    4 May 2015 | 5:30 am
    Group boards are a great way for new Pinterest accounts to build a following and get their pins seen. Your Pins on Group boards will show up in the feed of all of the board’s followers, extending your reach to a wider Pinterest audience. In this Guide to Pinterest Group Board Etiquette we give you tips to be a good group board pinner. When everyone pins for the collective good not their own interests, the Pinterest Group Board is…Read more ›
  • Keep Pinnable Images from Slowing Down Your Site!

    Ruth Maude
    27 Apr 2015 | 5:31 am
    We all know that when a website crawls…. we aren’t going to wait around. All too quickly we give up and click away. Last Fall I wrote about how to test your page speed and improve your WordPress site’s page speed. I was pleased with the results I achieved but since then I’ve learned that when running WordPress website you have to be continually vigilant. Adding a new plugin and especially adding new images can drastically change the…Read more ›
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  • Best 11 WordPress Social media plugin

    22 May 2015 | 10:49 am
    mayifix ~ Social media play a very crucial role in blog marketing. And if have any blog then it is necessary to use some social media plugin on your blog. Because if someone likes your post then it may be possible that they share your post on social media or like your post. And one another point […] The post Best 11 WordPress Social media plugin appeared first on mayifix.
  • 4 most trusted WordPress security plugins

    20 May 2015 | 10:29 am
    mayifix ~ Security is the most important part of blogging.And if you are running a blog the you have to secure your blog because so many attackers are trying to break your blog. Now a days, almost every person runs their blog on WordPress and as you know WordPress is the most secure platform but the inbuilt […] The post 4 most trusted WordPress security plugins appeared first on mayifix.
  • How to install WordPress plugins

    18 May 2015 | 10:59 pm
    mayifix ~ WordPress plugins is like an application which enhance the functionality of WordPress. WordPress contains a huge number of plugins in their directory. Because WordPress is an open source so anybody can submit their plugin into the WordPress directory. Various type of plugins are used in WordPress like SEO, Social media, media, Security etc. OK, now […] The post How to install WordPress plugins appeared first on mayifix.
  • 10 fantastic free WordPress blog themes

    15 May 2015 | 7:13 am
    mayifix ~ Today, I am going to give you a list of top 10 free WordPress blog themes. Every WordPress themes is very beautiful, it your choice you can choose anyone among these lists. But keep in mind that whenever you choose any theme for your blog, that themes must be following all the standard of WordPress […] The post 10 fantastic free WordPress blog themes appeared first on mayifix.
  • How to make SEO friendly URL

    14 May 2015 | 5:24 am
    mayifix ~ SEO (Search engine optimization) play a very important role to get higher ranking in searching. If we talk about SEO then there are a huge amount of factor which are considered in SEO and URL is one among of them. URL also a very important part in SEO. By default, WordPress uses some numeric coded […] The post How to make SEO friendly URL appeared first on mayifix.
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  • Display RSS Feed on your WordPress Website

    Steven Soehl
    18 May 2015 | 1:30 pm
    A simple function will grab an rss feed and display it with your WordPress site. The post Display RSS Feed on your WordPress Website appeared first on WPZoan.com.
  • Grab your WordPress site data with WP REST API

    Steven Soehl
    18 May 2015 | 5:15 am
    As WordPress grows in both popularity and functionality to a complete application framework the need for a method to interact with a WordPress website's data is needed for continued growth as a true application. As the use of APIs (Application Program Interface) continues to grow allowing the sharing of data across websites, web applications and mobile the need for a highly-functional framework for the WordPress platform is needed. With this demand on data, we have the birth of a tested framework for creating APIs for WordPress. The WP Rest API provides an easy to use REST API that is…
  • WordPress Security Should be a Concern

    Steven Soehl
    8 May 2015 | 10:10 am
    With over 30,000 WordPress sites falling victim to hacks a day you need to pay attention to WordPress Security measures to protect your site from malicious attacks. The post WordPress Security Should be a Concern appeared first on WPZoan.com.
  • How to Remove Image Sizes from Media Upload Gallery

    Steven Soehl
    3 May 2015 | 5:11 am
    The WordPress function below will let you remove the current image sizes from the WordPress media upload gallery. function wpz_remove_image_size($sizes) { unset( $sizes['small'] ); unset( $sizes['medium'] ); unset( $sizes['large'] ); return $sizes; } add_filter('image_size_names_choose', 'wpz_remove_image_size'); Questions? Ask them here The post How to Remove Image Sizes from Media Upload Gallery appeared first on WPZoan.com.
  • Top 5 WordPress Login Plugins

    Steven Soehl
    27 Apr 2015 | 6:51 am
    List of powerful and feature rich WordPress login plugins that allow you to customize the user login experience. The post Top 5 WordPress Login Plugins appeared first on WPZoan.com.
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  • 15+ Best Free Responsive WordPress Magazine Themes & Templates

    21 May 2015 | 7:52 am
    In today’s world online magazines are getting increasingly more attention. If you are the one, who wants to publish articles about important events in the world, lifestyles of celebrities, or just something that’s worth reading, then you might consider building a website where you can host them. And the best tool to do that is WordPress! But you don’t have money for a premium theme, do you? Well, that isn’t the problem because we have collected some of the best free WordPress magazine themes that you can use to power up your news website.   AccessPress Mag –…
  • 20+ Best Free Responsive WordPress Business Themes & Templates For Corporate, Consulting, Photography, Local Or Any Business

    19 May 2015 | 1:49 pm
    If you are the one who needs a business website, then you have probably considered buying a professional WordPress business theme for your simple, corporate, services, consulting, or local business website from theme stores like ThemeForest, elegant themes or any other popular ones out there. Fortunately, you don’t need to buy a WP theme if your budget is too small for that. You can download one of these fine and free WordPress templates and use them to power up your business.   Globally Globally is a free WordPress theme with some useful features. First of all, it has over 80…
  • 10 Best Free Responsive eCommerce WordPress Themes & Templates For Retail, Photography, Graphic Design And Other Businesses

    16 May 2015 | 10:04 am
    A Recent study suggests that 2 out of 5 people want to open an online store. Now that I’ve got your attention, it is time to say that this is a made up fact. But to be clear, some people do want to sell their goods online. We have picked some free responsive eCommerce WordPress themes that will do best if you are on a budget and don’t have funds available to buy premium WordPress theme at the moment.   Mystile – Free Responsive WordPress eCommerce Theme For Online Shop   Minimal eCommerce WordPress theme. Built with a unique design of layout it is best used for…
  • 35 Best Free Portfolio and Photography WordPress Themes & Templates For Photographers, Graphic Designers, Artists & Other Creatives

    13 May 2015 | 1:10 pm
    In this collection, we will feature themes that are the best for displaying your best photos or other creative work. As you can see from the title – you won’t have to empty your bank account in order to use them as they are all free. Some of these WordPress templates will be multipurpose with a portfolio as another component in their functionality.   TA Portfolio – Free Responsive WordPress Portfolio Theme For Photographers   A bootstrap 3 template that is a great option for small businesses, freelancers, and creatives. Containing not only grid-based portfolio but…
  • Best Places To Buy Cheap & Professional WordPress Themes

    12 May 2015 | 11:02 am
    Stop buying expensive WordPress themes! A good-looking theme that offers enough functionality for your next eCommerce, business, portfolio or blog project doesn’t have to cost much. We have found some marketplaces that offer excellent discounts for professional quality WordPress themes. MyThemeShop This theme store is still new when compared to others, but it still has a fair share of the market. Use this Coupon Code to get 55% discount for your next MyThemeShop purchase QerraPress55off Their primary promotion method? Cheap prices and quality! MyThemeShop products The company offers…
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